Martin Hopley

The Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrids are very easy to hit and a great alternative to long irons.

With the new War Bird sole they are very easy to play from the tee, semi-rough or the fairway. They are mainly aimed at the mid to higher handicapper as the higher lofter versions hit it higher then their equivalent irons.

Lower handicappers may appreciate the lower lofted versions as they are easier to hit than a 1 or 2 iron and they are great all round clubs, giving more hitting options than a fairway wood.

We tried a 14 degree version against a 15 degree Callaway Big Bertha Steel Fairway Wood and it produced a lower trajectory than the fairway wood, but not as low as the comparable iron from the X-18 Pro Series Irons. However the shafts are shorter on the Heavenwoods than on the Fairway woods so they will not hit it as far.

Looks wise, the design is clean and sharp, but from above the head looks longer and shallower than a fairway wood, which may not be everyone's cup of tea and we are not over-keen on the hosel design.

Overall if you are looking for a utility/rescue club then this is definitely one to consider.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrid Hybrid

Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrid Hybrid - Product Details

Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexX Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Light
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

User Reviews

Tony Freeburn
October 2005

Have tried a couple of other utility clubs over the last year or so, but none have impressed as much as the Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrid. They launch the ball a country mile and sound fantastic. The Callaway Heavenwood can be hit off a variety of lies, and really do make a difference to your game.

Drew Tuck
March 2005

Didn't like the look of this Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrid. For a utility club it was very narrow from front to back which made the head length look extremely long. It did not give me any confidence when club was behind the ball. Have hit far better Hybrids that are not so expensive, the Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid is not for me.

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Media Reviews

Golf World
October 2005
Simple, classic styling..performance was excellent..sounded a little unusual.
Today's Golfer
September 2005
Impact is distinctive..longest..more penetrating..ideal for everyone.
Golf World
May 2005
Easy alignment..distinctive sound..uninspiring looks..strange shape.
Golf Monthly
March 2005
Looks good behind the ball..appropriate weightiness..solid feel.
Today's Golfer
January 2005
Premier league of rescue clubs..Callaway fans will love it.

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