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Whilst perhaps looking like it might be designed to move around your toddler, the Big Max Wheeler trolley is actually a very good, attractive, easy to use trolley.

Our metallic red model looked very sharp and classy on the course and the addition of the 4th wheel made a noticeable improvement to the stability on side hill slopes. The foot break on the right wheel was easy to apply and did the job of keeping the Wheeler static on steep slopes very well

Despite doubting it out of the box, it handled our Tour bag with no problems. The slick design of the Wheeler is probably the easiest of the Big Max trolleys to fold and re-assemble. You just unclip the handle, fold it down into one piece easily, clip the handle and pick it up in one go.

To open just unclip the handle lock and then pull up in one movement, which is a pleasure to do as the frame is so light and the frame just expands out. With the larger rear wheels detaching, it was very easy to transport around and it will also 'sit up' on its end when folded.

As a (very) premium push trolley, it has been designed very well and you can adjust the handle to suit your hand height very easily. The handle also features a compartment for storing things, ball marker, ball alignment marker and Quick Fix attachment for umbrella or gps holder although these are an extra.

There is also a detachable fabric pockets for under the handle that includes a useful pouch for snack and a drink holder. The net drink holder is a bit too close to the clubs in your bag for easy access and it is too deep for a 300ml can, which is the only real design quibble we have on the Big Max Wheeler.

The only other consideration is the price that is not far off a budget electric trolley, but if you have your mind set on a push trolley then this is one of the best in the market.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Big Max Wheeler Golf Trolley - Product Details

Handicap Range
Trolley TypePush
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 41cm, Depth: 63cm
Weight With Battery8.3kg
Colour Options: Black, White, Red
Manufacturer's WebsiteBig Max Website

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