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Well there is no prizes for guessing what the Big Max Auto Fold is designed for. To be honest, it maybe doesn't fold quite as easily as the name would have you believe, but it is an easy process.

We were expecting a do-it-all button that allows you to sit back and add up your scorecard whilst your trolley quietly folds itself. In reality, you simply need to fold down your handle and then collapse the trolley until it conveniently clips into itself, making it easy to carry away and store even if it not 'sit up' by itself

The folded size, like the size of the trolley itself is relatively large, although there is the option to remove the rear wheels. When assembled, the trolley is long, large and ready to escort you bag around the course, like a Range Rover would escort businessmen around the streets of London. The distance from you to the front wheel is probably the longest of all of the trolleys we have taken to the course due to the long handle section. Whilst this makes it easy to steer and move, the large size may not be everyone's cup of tea.

On the course, it was easy to push and steer and slightly more stable than some smaller, lighter push trolleys. The size of the trolley made it slightly less suited to manoeuvring around tight areas, under trees or tight corners.

On slopes the foot break on the right wheel did it's job but don't park it pointing up a steep hill as the unbraked left wheel would roll round to bring the trolley facing across the slope. With the long handle the foot pedal was a little tricky to reach as well.

It handled all the bags we had from stand bags, to Tour bags, and the organiser panel was actually pretty useful with a good drinks holder (which is maybe too deep for 330ml cans), ball holder, covered compartment and attachment for your umbrella.

Quite simply if you don't mind it's large size, both in use and storage, you will like the Auto Fold.

Golfalot Rating: 3 stars
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Big Max Auto Fold Golf Trolley - Product Details

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