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Normally when we receive details of a shirt launch it is usually the latest range of colours and styles for the coming season.

However when a faux ice cube from Adidas arrived containing a Climachill shirt laced with aluminium and titanium, then I had to take things further.

Adidas ClimaChill Cube

Now I have tried many weird and wonderful shirts over the years, including some made from bamboo, but putting metal in a shirt was a new one.

Adidas have put small aluminuim dots on the inside of the shirt so they rest across the gap between your shoulder blades and act to keep you cooler.

Adidas ClimaChill Shirt Collar

Now if you live in Scotland then summer is usually identified by the day rather than the week or month. So when the mercury rocketed through 20°C on a sunny June day I broke the emergency ice cube and slipped the Climachill shirt on and played a quick round before I went red.

Adidas ClimaChill Shirt Stance

The sensation of the aluminium on my skin was unusual and did have a cooling effect. It was less like a gentle breeze and more like someone had put a cold towel on my back. But it felt good and I think part of the benefit is that the aluminium lifts the fabric away from your skin to create an air gap.

Adidas ClimaChill Shirt Back

Combining with the metal is a very light fabric full of aeration holes that apparerently are woven titanium fibres. Whatever they are, they did a good job of letting the heat escape to keep you as cool as possible.

It's not often that a piece of non-waterproof clothing arrives with a technical benefit, but the Adidas Climachill shirt certainly has created a new category of performance shirt and at a reasonable price of around £40 too. There are 3 different colours for men and 2 for women and if you are going abroad to a hot climate then I would strongly recommend taking a couple along.

Or you can wait until next year's summer day to arrive. Text me when it does.

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