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Adidas have announced details of their new Play Green Collection, signalling their intention to continue the mission of making products with recycled materials.

Adidas Play Green Collection

Although 90 of apparel in their spring/summer range is already made with recycled materials, Adidas wanted to introduce a special collection which 'inspires others on our journey to help End Plastic Waste'.

The Play Green collection - featuring polo shirts, t-shirts and hats - is said to merge style and performance and forms part of a goal to replace all virgin polyester with recycled polyester in their products by 2024.

Adidas Play Green Collection

"It's always our objective to make products for golfers that perform, but we never lose sight of the need to do so in a more sustainable way. Play Green is a collection where we feature designs inspired by the natural beauty that's unique to golf, but all on a canvas comprised of materials that are better for the environment."

Shaun Madigan, Global Director of Apparel, Adidas Golf.

The colours from the Play Green collection take inspiration from the familiar scenes and landscapes that golfers expect to experience out on the golf course during their rounds.

Adidas Play Green Collection

For example, the Spray-Dyed Polo features colours inspired by the vibrant greens of the fairways, brushed whites of the clouds, contrasted white and browns of the bunkers, with dark blues of the ocean and water often found around the course.

Adidas Play Green Collection

The collection also comes with a new emblem, displaying a plastic bottle holding golf clubs on a pushcart, which signifies again the brand's commitment to help End Plastic Waste.

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