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Japanese sportswear brand Eon Sports has partnered with Irish-based Advanced International to market their popular ZeroFit range of baselayers throughout the UK and Europe.

Featuring unique Heatrub technology to maintain and create warmth, the baselayers are ideal for outdoor activities to fight the elements whilst ensuring breathability and freedom of movement.

ZeroFit Heatrub Baselayers

A spokesman from ZeroFit Europe explained:

We are hugely excited about this range of products, it’s unlike anything we have found in any sports market and its unique ability to create heat instead of just trapping it against the body sets it apart from other products in the market. Anyone involved in outdoor activity in any way will see the benefit of the warmth and comfort that ZeroFit technology provides them.

The baselayers feature Heatrub technology, which is unique to ZeroFit in the sportswear market. While a traditional baselayer seals in body heat, it does not generate heat itself, whereas Heatrub products also create heat due to ‘double loop’ fibres that are built into the inner part of the garment. ZeroFit baselayers are designed to fit the contours of the body to provide extra comfort, with no restriction on movement.

ZeroFit Heatrub Baselayers

ZeroFit Heatrub Move

The Heatrub Move baselayer features both warmth and temperature regulation properties, and as the name suggests is designed for people who expect to be more active whilst wearing it. A unique 'LABO' fabric boasts a cooling two-layer construction, which wicks moisture away from the body to the outer shell of the garment to keep the wearer feeling warm, yet comfortable.

ZeroFit Heatrub Baselayers

LABO is constructed with a lightweight 45% polypropylene to provide more warmth for less weight. The fibres also retain more heat for a longer period of time, and have insulation and hydrophobic properties to keep the wearer both warm and dry.

ZeroFit Heatrub Baselayers

The ZeroFit Heatrub Move is available in black or grey colour options, in sizes S, M, L and XL. RRP: £50.

ZeroFit Heatrub Ultimate

For those who play golf in the coldest of temperatures, ZeroFit say that the Heatrub Ultimate is twice as warm as a jumper and yet remains thin and lightweight enabling for ease of movement. Unlike a standard baselayer the fibres on the inside of the Heatrub Ultimate rub against the skin to create instant frictional heat, making it feel warm the instant you put it on.

ZeroFit Heatrub Baselayers

The ZeroFit Heatrub Ultimate is available in red, charcoal, grey or black, in sizes S, M, L and XL. RRP: £50

ZeroFit Heatrub Hybrid

The Hybrid is designed to keep the body’s core warm, yet cooler in the arms, and features Heat Rub technology in the back and abdomen area only. This ensures ultimate body warmth, while the sleeves are made from an Angola cotton weave that is stretchy and light.

ZeroFit Heatrub Baselayers

The ZeroFit Heatrub Hybrid is available in navy/grey or black/charcoal, in sizes S, M, L and XL. RRP: £50.

ZeroFit Heatrub Light

The Heatrub Light boasts the same fabric technologies found in the other Heat Rub products, but has extra focus on mobility. Weighing 50g less than other baselayers in the range, it still retains fantastic heat retention qualities in a more lightweight design.

ZeroFit Heatrub Baselayers

The ZeroFit Heatrub Light is available in charcoal and white, in sizes S, M, L and XL. RRP: £50.


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