Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Zepp Labs are in the swing business.

Leading the way in instant 3D and video analysis of sports that incorporate a 'swing', Zepp has pioneered their technology in baseball, tennis and golf.

Originally in the golf market with the GolfSense system, Zepp have updated their sensor and app to deliver features such as a split screen to let you compare your swing to the pro's.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyser

The Zepp Sensor, now smaller than in its GolfSense incarnation and in a striking luminous green, comes with a mount that easily attaches to your golf glove and the whole package weighs in at just 10g so that it will not hinder your swing. From there you let the magic of Blutetooth take over as your swing data wirelessly transfers to the free app that is fully compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

The data that the sensor and app measure are club speed, swing plane, tempo, back swing position and even hip rotation, which is recorded by placing your smartphone in your pocket. They are all combined into Zepp's 'SwingsScore' that allows you to evaluate the overall quality of each swing.

This is a handy feature that gives immediate feedback on each swing by using a traffic light system to highlight which areas you are doing well in and which you need to work on.

The latest addition of the Zepp App, Zepp 2.2, released in January 2015 now takes tuition to a personal level. Each week Zepp will analyse every swing a user has recorded and then deliver a customised report straight to the Zepp app. The reports will recommend drills to help users focus on individual areas for improvement.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyser

Each individual section of the swing is supported by tips and video to help you improve and the analysis section of the app allows you to look back on each practice section or round to help you discover what you need to work on most.

Zepp have partnered with PGA Tour players Keegan Bradley and Brendan Steele, who are both enthusiastic advocates of the benefits that the data provided by Zepp can have on your game.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyser

Bradley embraces the use of numbers that are becoming such an important aspect of how the Pro's practice and hone their games:

It's important to have a baseline to go back to and see my numbers when I was swinging my best.

The 3D representation of every swing, and in particular the ability to isolate the path of the hands during the swing, is something that Steele uses:

Seeing my swing in 3D is helping me make sure I get the hand path down the way I want it.




Zepp Golf Swing Analyser Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

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