Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

We liked the original Zepp Golf Swing Analyser which paired a glove mounted sensor with a smartphone app to give you immediate data about your swing.

Data such as tempo, club speed and club plane were all recorded together with a "Swing Score" that immediately identified strengths and weaknesses that could be improved with in app video lessons or highlighted by split screen swing comparisons with the pro's such as Keegan Bradley.

Now the team at Zepp Labs has released the latest iteration of the product, the Zepp Golf 2, and they have retained all the best of the original product and added new features to help you train smarter and improve faster than before.

Zepp 2 Golf Swing Analyser

Apart from adding Michelle Wie to the stable of pro's and onto one version of the packaging, the first thing you'll notice if you're familiar with Zepp is that the neon yellow sensor has changed from the original square shape to a neat circle with the power button and magnetic charging port front and centre.

Zepp 2 Golf Swing Analyser

Zepp says the new shape is to allow the sensor to be embedded into sporting equipment but for golf it still attaches to the back of the golf glove. The unit also includes two accelerometers, two gyroscopes, Bluetooth LE for greater accuracy and a battery that lasts for up to eight hours of use.

It's in the new Zepp 2 app that the biggest changes have been made however with the introduction of a Smart Coach system that now recommends a total training program for golfers based on their swing data.

Zepp 2 Golf Swing Analyser

This takes the guesswork out of improvement for the player allowing them to focus on improvement through updated video programmes from the Zepp pro's. In addition to swing mechanics the Zepp 2 app also introduces fitness-training plans to help users increase flexibility and core strength.

The Zepp 2 app and sensors are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, including the Apple Watch, and the package includes the sensor, glove mount and a magnetic charger.




Zepp 2 Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK LaunchApril 2016
UK Launch RRP£129.99
USA LaunchApril 2016
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Junior
Manufacturer's WebsiteZepp Website

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