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Premium Japanese manufacturers XXIO are back again with their latest range of lightweight equipment for 2023, introducing the all-new Prime.

XXIO Prime 2023

Built for the moderate swing speed golfers, the XIXIO Prime uses luxury materials that provide less strain on the swing thanks to aerodynamics, giving golfers consistency and precision while encouraging effortless performance.

In addition, XXIO is introducing the XXIO Prime Royal Edition in both Men's and Ladies version. They offer exclusive materials and performance features, all with an ultralight feel.

XXIO Prime 2023

"Crafted for golfers who've lost some speed over time but are still looking to add distance and maintain accuracy, this new XXIO Prime delivers. This innovative design is created with lighter components in the Driver, Fairways and Hybrids, delivering more MOI for straighter, more powerful distance."

"To further help with swing speed, we included Weight Plus Technology, which counterbalances and stabilises the club, creating a more efficient path, more consistent contact, and greater ball speed."

Sean Hanafusa, CEO and Chairman, Dunlop Sports Europe

Key Innovations

  • Rebound Frame: Featured on the Driver, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons, the Rebound Frame uses an alternating pattern of stiff and more flexible zones, to transfer more energy to the ball at impact for better ball speed and distance on every strike.

XXIO Prime 2023

  • Weight Plus Technology: Extra weight is added to the butt end of the shaft to stabilise the club path for faster and more consistent swings. It concentrates more weight towards the grip to reduced the amount of force needed to swing the club, whilst also helping to promote a better swing position.

  • ActivWing: Uses aerodynamics to stabilise the clubhead in the beginning of the downswing, tightening the impact pattern and optimising the face angle for better contact without giving up swing speed.

XXIO Prime 2023

  • Super-TIX 51AF Titanium Face: Each driver and iron is made from a Super-TIX Titanium, a strong yet lightweight alloy for thinner faces that flex more and add more ball speed on every shot.

  • SP-1200 Shaft: Premium shafts are constructed with a high-performance carbon fiber and advanced resin matrix, producing a lightweight graphite shaft with the optimal balance of strength and flexibility.

The XXIO Prime range is available in the UK and Europe from 15th April, with the Royal Edition Ladies available from 29th April. They come with the following RRPs:

XXIO Prime

Driver: £949

Fairway Woods: £629

Hybrids: £439

Irons (7-PW): £1,279

Single Iron: £376

XXIO Prime Royal Edition Ladies

Driver: £1199

Fairway Woods: £729

Hybrids: £499

Irons (7-SW): £2,079

Single Iron: £347

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