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Callaway has announced its golf shoe line up for 2016, featuring 41 different style and colour combinations across four collections, offering something for every taste and playing style.

The four sub-collections are the X-Series, Chev Series, Del Mar Series and the Sky Series for women and they look to continue the success that saw a 50% growth in European footwear sales during 2015.

Callaway Golf Shoes 2016

Duncan Patmore, Callaway's European Footwear Manager, explains the thinking behind this years shoes:

We feel the 2016 collection pushes the boundaries of performance to ensure we enable golfers to build a better game from the ground up. We have concentrated on the finer details with the 2016 range, using state-of-the-art technology to help golfers focus on their game.

Callaway Xfer Nitro Golf Shoe

Leading the way in the new range is the Xfer Nitro that sits in the X-Series range which focuses on performance with shoes designed to meet the expectations of serious golfers.

Callaway Xfer Nitro Golf Shoes

Fully loaded with technology the sole features Force Flex Channels in the thin lightweight TPU outsole. These are longitudinal and latitudinal grooves that respond to force by flexing in the right direction to enable you to maintain optimal alignment, stability and traction.

Also on the sole are the Big Bertha Power cleats which have an asymmetrical design with longer traction elements on one side. These are positioned to work with the bio-mechanics of your foot during the swing to assist energy transfer and increase the power that can be generated through more solid ground contact.

Cushioning is provided by an Ortholite Comfort 3D insert. This moulded insole is lightweight and breathable and retains the shape of your foot to provide a personal fit. It is also moisture wicking, breathable and contains antimicrobial properties to keep you feet (and the shoes) fresh as you play.

The Xfer Nitro has a soft, high performance Clarino microfibre upper that is fully waterproof and an interesting touch is a Memory Fold Heel Tab that flips up when you grab it to pull the shoe on and then flips back down again around the foot. This works with the Gibson Lacing System that gives easier foot access and flexible adjustability. Like a lot of shoes these days Callaway includes a secondary set of laces in a complementing colour to allow golfers to customise their look.

The other shoes in the X-Series are the Apex Tour, the Xfer Pro and the X Nitro.

Callaway Chev Oxygen Golf Shoe

The Chev Series are the backbone of the Callaway shoe collection, incorporating proprietary technologies to provide comfort, performance and style. The Chev Oxygen is designed to be lightweight, cool and comfortable whilst still providing a serious tour level of traction.

Callaway Chev Oxygen Golf Shoes

To do this it combines the Clarino microfibre material with a 3D breathable breeze mesh in the shoes upper. The mesh prevents your feet from overheating in the summer, whilst the water-resistant Clarino forms a "Storm Guard" to prevent water from early morning dew entering the shoe.

The Orotholite 3D inserts keep the feet comfortable and fresh and sits upon a compression moulded EVA midsole that releases energy back into the foot as you walk.

Grip comes from the lightweight TPU outsole that combines a number of moulded traction points with seven Callaway Fast Twist comfort spikes.

The other shoes in the Chev series are the Chev Mulligan and the Chev Comfort.

Callaway Del Mar Vibe Golf Shoe

The Del Mar series is Callaway's spikeless range, balancing comfort and performance with a casual style that works as well in the clubhouse as it does on the course.

Callaway Del Mar Sport Golf Shoes

The key to a successful street shoe is achieving the necessary level of on course grip to maintain a high performance level and the Del Mar Vibe does this with what Callaway calls Triangulated Traction, developed with partners Vibram.

This innovative outsole combines proprietary rubber compounds with Callaway's Power Wall and dynamic traction technologies to help keep the foot well-grounded either during the swing or walking around the course.

Directional uphill and downhill traction gives supreme grip and durability whilst triangular pods increase swing traction and transitional bars support the swing in the follow through.

The Vibe uses an Ortholite X40 footbed that contains a rebound formulation for additional comfort whilst a super soft full grain leather upper gives the shoe a stylish look off the course.

The other shoes in the Del Mar series are the Monterey, Del Mar Sport and Del Mar Ballistic.

Callaway Halo Pro Women's Golf Shoe

The Sky Series is Callaway's collection of women's shoes that aims to deliver the combination of ultra-lightweight performance features and impeccable style that women golfers demand.

Callaway Halo Pro Golf Shoes

Leading the way is the Halo Pro which is the most technologically advanced women’s golf shoe Callaway has ever produced.

Like the men's Xfer Nitro the Halo Pro combines a lightweight injection moulded EVA outsole with the Big Bertha Power Cleat for a high level of swing traction.

The Ortholite moulded comfort insole gives the foot 3D cushioning and support whilst the upper is a stylish combination of full grain leather and lightweight microfibre.

The other shoes in the Sky series are the Playa, the Solaire II and the Cirrus II.

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Callaway Xfer Nitro Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK LaunchApril 2016
UK Launch RRP£89.99
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12
WidthsMedium, Wide
Colour OptionsWhite/Grey/Red, White/Grey, White/Grey/Green, Black/Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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