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By Andrew Noyce

It's the time of year when we all become meteorologists as the weekend approaches and we're next heading out onto the course.

UK golfers have to be a hardy bunch so Under Armour's new Storm warning won't keep us from the fairways, but instead gives us a handy guide to the best way to stop the weather affecting our performance.

Under Armour Gore-Tex Tips Waterpfoof

To support this years Autumn and Winter collection Under Armour has introduced a three tiered index to its Storm technology ranging from 1 to 3, with a number of garments in each category suitable to the level.

Under Armour Outerwear Storm 1

Although focused on Autumn/Winter the Storm 1 rating could really be relevant all year round in many parts of the U.K. This category brings together water-resistant clothing that has Under Armour's DWR finish and is suitable for repelling light rain and showers where full waterproof gear isn't necessary.

Under Armour Golf AW2015

The garments in this category use fabrics with a hollow-fibre construction that traps warmth without adding bulk or weight and actively transport moisture away from the body to keep you dry and warm.

The key Storm 1 products are UA Elemental Golf Pant (£70), UA Tips Vest (£85) & Jacket (£100), UA Flagstick Storm Fleece ¼ Zip (£50) and the UA Storm Links ¼ Zip (£55).

Under Armour Outerwear Storm 2

The next level of protection comes with Storm 2 when the weather requires highly water-resistant and windproof garments, using 3-layer bonded fabrics and windproof materials to keep rain and wind at bay.

Under Armour Golf AW2015

The Key Storm 2 products are the UA Elemental 1/2 Xip (£75) and the UA Elemental Jacket (£85) both of which feature Cold Gear Infrared technology which is a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb and retain body heat.

Under Armour Outerwear Storm 3

Storm 3 is the gear that is suitable for the wettest conditions that winter golf can throw at you and the garments are both fully windproof and waterproof. To achieve this Under Armour uses Cocona fabrics in the UA Storm Dry Movement range, which disperses moisture and dries incredibly quickly, with a 3.5 layer bonded fabric making the jackets fully breathable.

Under Armour Golf AW2015

The Key Storm 3 products are the UA Storm Dry Movement Jacket (£100), the UA Storm Dry Movement 1/2 Sleeve (£75) and the UA Storm Dry Movement Pant (£70). These garments have a moisture permeability of 25,000g/sqm, a measure of the fabric's high level of breathability, letting moisture out to keep you comfortable as you play.

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