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By Andrew Noyce

Tour Edge, a brand that not every Sunday golfer may be familiar with, but every Sunday golfer could do with familiarising themselves with, has introduced a new set of forged irons to the golf market.

Exotics CBX forged irons are claimed to be a ‘material advantage’ in a player’s club. The irons feature new, softer materials, a CNC milled face and cavity for stability and forgiveness, without sacrificing the feel and workability vital to a player’s iron.

Tour Edge CBX Forged Irons

Triple forged from Japanese S25c Carbon steel, Tour Edge claim the CBX irons deliver a softer feel on every shot and substantial forgiveness for a blade. Tour Edge CNC mill the faces for perfect flatness and square grooves are also CNC milled with computer laser engraving ensuring that every club head will pass USGA inspection.

The cavity in the CBX forged irons is designed for the most advantageous MOI and forgiveness by CNC milling to offer deepest cavity possible in a player’s iron. David Glod, President and Founder of Tour Edge Golf explains the benefits of CNC milling:

The CNC milling allows us to control the depth precisely ensuring we take as much material out and place it in the flange area for more forgiveness and higher launch.

The CBX forged irons are no doubt an eye-catching iron. Boasting a premium traditional shape with a moderate offset for distance with workability, a dual level flange is said to offer golfers enhanced feel, especially on shots struck low on the face. Mere-mortals like ourselves all know a thing or two about hitting it low on the face, so a new TPE alloy insert to dampen vibration on mishits especially, in a blade, sounds very appealing.

These irons are available in the following stock shafts options: True Temper XP 95 (R, S); True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT (R, S, X); KBS Tour Steel (R, S, X); Mitsubishi Recoil graphite shafts. Custom premium shaft options include: KBS CTaper, KBS C-Taper Light; Dynamic Gold Tour Issue; Dynamic Gold.

With a focus on tech, a lifetime warranty, a 30-day play guarantee, and some rather appetising pricing the Tour Edge Exotics CBX are worth trying if you’re in the mood for straying from the typical global iron brands.

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Tour Edge Exotics CBX Forged Iron

Tour Edge Exotics CBX Forged Irons - Product Details

UK Launch RRP£700
USA LaunchMarch 2017
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameTrue Temper XP 95; True Temper Dynamic Gold AM; KBS Tour Steel; Mitsubishi Recoil (Graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, X Stiff
DesignBlade, Cavity Back
Manufacturer's WebsiteTour Edge Website

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