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By Dan Box

Driving range technology experts Toptracer have announced the launch of Toptracer Coach, a tool which has been designed to help teaching professionals better connect with their students.

Toptracer Coach

This web-enabled platform allows PGA Professionals to create assignments, access data from Toptracer Range sessions, and optimise coaching sessions by providing instruction to their students.

Toptracer consulted with PGA Professionals during the development of the new platform, to address two of the biggest issues when it comes to coaching: creating benchmark assessments that are easy for players to complete, and assigning practice sessions in between lessons.

Toptracer Coach

The data collection and management tool uses the coach's expertise to create unique lesson plans that are tailored for each student. Coaches and students can access assessments of current skill level, monitoring their progress in real time and following a lesson plan to practice effectively.

"Toptracer is committed to providing the best golf experience for everyone. We believe when golfers are having fun and playing better, they play more golf, and Toptracer Coach was built on that philosophy. The tool was designed by our talented team, made up of PGA Professionals and former Tour Pros, as well as a vast network of veteran PGA Pros."

Ben Sharpe, Toptracer President

Coinciding with the introduction of Toptracer Coach is the launch of two new assessment modes: Toptracer12 and Toptracer30. The new game modes can be used by PGA Professionals to get a better idea of their students' game in real-time, in a concise format.

Toptracer Coach is available to both coaches and students who play and teach at Toptracer Range mobile facilities, the brand’s uncovered grass tee experience. It will be available to all Toptracer Range users on the monitor product towards the end of 2023.

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