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Over the last few years, the emergence of affordable, portable launch monitors and simulators has given more and more amateur golfers the chance to practice and improve their game away from the golf course.

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor

Of course, two years of Covid-inflicted lockdown will have only heightened the need for some golfers to make alternative arrangements when it comes to their practice and so there are plenty of garages/cellars/spare rooms around the world being converted into something like this from Eddie Pepperell...

One of the biggest names when it comes to 'at-home golf' is SkyTrak, and after seven years they are back with an all new SkyTrak+ launch monitor which is designed to bring tour level accuracy at an affordable price for golfers all over.

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor

The new SkyTrak+ has a dual Doppler radar system which allows the brand to display club data including clubhead speed, smash factor, club path and face angle.

There is also new machine learning software which is said to provide higher levels of precision, allowing it to compete with some of the biggest names at the top end of the market including Foresight and Trackman.

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor

An improved camera system gives accurate and reliable ball tracking data, which is also more consistent in performance on outdoor mats.

The SkyTrak+ provides access to over 100,000 golf courses worldwide, including St Andrews, Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines and Pinehurst. This allows golfers to play courses with their friends from the comfort of their own home.

The new SkyTrak Shot Optimiser and Shot Score functionality measures results against a database of millions of golf shots to give you analysis of your performance vs optimal conditions.

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor

SkyTrak+ features a 40% larger hitting area, a new onboard processor to show shots faster, 5Gh Wi-Fi capabilities for faster and more reliable connectivity, and a USB-C charging options for rapid charging.

The device is also usable without the need for special balls or stickers on clubs to get accurate data, making it quicker and easier for golfers to plug and play.

The SkyTrak+ launch monitor is available from late May 2023 and is priced at £3095.

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