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By Andrew Noyce

When we brought you news of Titleist's C16 Concept driver back in April it was clear that we were looking into the future of its driver range.

At the time it was obvious that we may see some of this tech in the next generation of drivers which, if the normal two year release schedule was followed, could be expected later this year.

Today that speculation has been confirmed as Titleist has announced that the prototype product is now being tested on Tour and that the drivers will, as expected, be called 917. We will first see them in the hands of Titleist players at this week's Quicken Loans National event on the PGA Tour.

Titleist 917 Driver

Performance validation with their brand ambassadors on the worldwide professional tours is a critical step in the process that all Titleist golf clubs go through prior to launch as they seek feedback that will shape the final product.

The images of the new 917 driver clearly show the SureFit CG weight that was a standout feature of the C16 Concept club, which was Titleist's first move into the moveable weight technology we have seen on a number of drivers from other brands.

Titleist C16 Concept Driver

In the C16 driver, Titleist said the two 10g weights offer either a neutral setting with one balanced with 5 grams at either end or the option of influencing flight with an alternative weight that has 9 grams at one end and 1 gram at the other. Positioning the latter with the heavy end towards the toe will promote a fade and flipping it to put the heavier end towards the heel will create a draw.

It is still to be seen if this set-up will be the same in the 917 driver and what the final make up of the range will be given the image circulated is of a 917 D2 driver. The 915 driver featured a D2 and a D3 version of head as well as other Tour offerings.

Titleist also say that the tour seeding and validation process for prototype 917 Fairways will also commence during this time.

Titleist is promising further updates in the coming months across its social media accounts so it seems that for this driver release we will be learning more about the products as the launch date approaches. Stay tuned to Golfalot and we will keep you up to date.

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