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Titleist have joined the party when it comes to new golf clubs this month by first announcing details of their new Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls, and now unveiling the final additions to the TSR metals with the new TSR1 driver, fairway and hybrid.

Titleist TSR1 Metals

TSR1 is designed for golfers with swing speeds that are less than 90mph and promotes easy launch and high forgiveness thanks to an ultra-lightweight design, enhanced aerodynamics and strategically placed CG.

Ultra-Lightweight Configuration

Titleist have removed all non-essential weight from the new drivers, fairways and hybrids, from to head to grip, to provide the lightest possible clubs without sacrificing the performance.

Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design on TSR1 Driver

Titleist TSR1 Metals

New VFT technology, which was already included in the TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4 drivers, makes its way to the TSR1 to improve 'speed retention' on off-centre strikes which is ideal for people who don't hit the middle every time.

Deep CG, High MOI

The CG in each TSR1 model is positioned deep in the back of the head to raise MOI and maximise high launch and ball speed. The drivers features the deepest CG in a Titleist driver, located in the centre of the face, while the fairways have an open hosel construction and the hybrids have a wood-type shape to optimise this CG placement.

Confidence-Inspiring Shaping

Titleist TSR1 Metals

The TSR1 fairways and hybrids have larger footprints to give more forgiveness at impact and encourage more confidence at address for the golfer. The updated shaping of the TSR1 driver means that it sits better at address, with improvements to aerodynamics to help promote faster clubhead speed.

Titleist TSR1 Driver

This driver is built to accommodate roughly one third of all golfers worldwide who are in the 'moderate speed' category, by providing the launch characteristics and speed required to achieve extra distance.

Titleist TSR1 Metals

A 460cc driver, the TSR1 is around 40 grams lighter than the TSR2 thanks to a lighter headweight, 40 gram shaft and lightweight grip.

Removing this weight, along with improved aerodynamics and a 'boat tail' shape similar to the TSR2 helps golfers to swing the TSR1 faster through the air.

Titleist TSR1 Metals

The TSR1 features MMT SpeedMesh shafts which come in at less than 40 grams in all flexes, helping golfers to generate more speed whilst still providing stability and energy transfer at impact.

Titleist TSR1 Fairway

The lightest and highest launching fairway in Titleist's range, the TSR1 is designed to help golfers get more speed and easier launch from every strike.

Titleist TSR1 Metals

The fairways have a larger footprints than the TSR2 at 180cc, and they are also 20 grams lighter. An open hosel construction pushes the CG back lower and deeper in the head.

The TSR1 fairways also have a 15% higher MOI than the TSi1 Fairway thanks to improved weighting and shaping. The TSR1 is designed to help golfers to get the ball up in to the air faster and more easily.

Titleist TSR1 Hybrid

The TSR1 hybrids are aimed at delivering distance and stability by providing more speed and a higher MOI thanks to an enhanced profile and ultra-lightweight construction.

Titleist TSR1 Metals

A larger fairway-style clubhead allows the CG to be moved further back as well as giving a more confidence-inspiring look at address.

The hybrid shafts use a .335 fairway tip and are half an inch longer than previous generations to increase swing speed and promote easier launch.

The new TSR1 metals are available on pre-sale from 9th February and in shops from 23rd February, at the following RRPs: Driver £529, Fairways £289, Hybrids £259.

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Titleist TSR1 Driver

Titleist TSR1 Driver - Product Details

UK Launch23 February 2023
UK Launch RRP£529
European Launch23 February 2023
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts10°
Right Handed Lofts9°, 10°, 12°
Club Length45.75 inches
AdjustabilityLoft, Face Angle
Shaft NameMitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh
Shaft TypesGraphite
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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