Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

In a World Cup summer when British sports fans see reference to “66” it’s a good bet they’ll think of the only time England lifted the trophy.

Depending on which side of Hadrian’s Wall they hail from, the emotion will either be frustration at a barren run or amusement at the Auld enemy grasping at former glories.

Golfers however may have a different perspective. Particularly if they are on the course looking down at a limited edition Pro V1 stamped with the number “66”.

Titleist Limited Edition 66 Pro V1

That’s because Titleist have decided to mark this years US Open at Pinehurst by celebrating the 66th consecutive year the company’s balls have been the #1 ball played in the USGA’s flagship event.

In 1949 Medinah Country Club hosted the championship, and whilst Cary Middlecof secured first of his two U.S. Open titles, Titleist were celebrating being the ball chosen by the majority of the tournaments field.

Enjoying that accolade for the 66th year Titleist decided to celebrate with the limited edition ball. Available at selected Titleist retailers across the UK, if you are interested in owning this small piece of history, more information can be found at

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