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By Jamie Kennedy

Whilst a rocket is fast, it's not as fast as a jet. That's according to TaylorMade. They have announced that their new JetSpeed Rescue will replace the RocketBallz Stage 2 model.

Consistent with the modern design of metalwoods, the JetSpeed Rescue is designed to increase ball speeds and launch whilst decreasing spin. The result? More consistent, forgiving distance from the tee or the fairway.

Whilst it will replace the RocketBallz Stage 2 rescue, the JetSpeed Rescue features more of the same looks seen in the SLDR rescue. Gone are the white colours of the RocketBallz, they are replaced with a matte black crown featuring new graphics designed to improve alignment. The silver colour of the face contrasts with this crown colour to make it easier to see at address.

Beyond the looks, TaylorMade have made a number of tweaks to improve the performance of the JetSpeed Rescue. Firstly, the improved Speed Pocket.

The pocket itself is not new to TaylorMade utility clubs. The RocketBallz rescue featured a straight pocket behind the face and the more recent SLDR Rescue featured the newer, curved pocket. The JetSpeed features a longer pocket with more toe and heel bend designed to improve forgiveness and ball speeds on off-centre hits.

Where the pocket has been open in the past, exposing a small gap that could allow debris to get in, the new design is covered with a polymer material to prevent this happening whilst also softening the feel of the impact.

By making the pocket longer, TaylorMade were able to save more weight in the JetSpeed Rescue and move the centre of gravity (CG) lower and further forward, as shown in the diagram below.

Traditionally a CG positioned further back in the clubhead would make it easier for the player to get the ball up in the air. That remains true, but what TaylorMade are doing is moving the CG forward to increase ball speed and reduce spin.

Compared to previous TaylorMade models, the JetSpeed Rescue reduces spin by between 200-300 RPMs. To get the height a player needs, TaylorMade are recommending players "loft up" and expect players will need more loft in a JetSpeed Rescue than in previous models.

"We expect 'low and forward CG' to represent the next great innovation in metalwood performance," said Sean Toulon, Executive Vice President. "With our SLDR and JetSpeed products, we're giving golfers of all types the opportunity to increase their launch angle and reduce their spin-rate, which ultimately leads to more distance."

The CG of gravity is brought lower still by a lower profile design.

The low-profile design makes it easier for players to strike the ball below the equator of the ball, thus launching it higher. It also makes the JetSpeed more playable from a wider variety of lies, prompting TaylorMade to say that the JetSpeed Rescue is the "longest and most playable" utility club they have created.

One feature missing from the JetSpeed Rescue is adjustability. Instead, players are encouraged to get fitted with a clubhead and shaft that matches their needs. For that reason perhaps, TaylorMade have included a 17-degree 2 Rescue in the range that was not available in the RocketBallz Stage 2 lineup.

To complete the JetSpeed Rescue, TaylorMade has paired it with a Matrix Velox T shaft and standard SB iron grip.

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TaylorMade JetSpeed Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch13 December 2013
UK Launch RRP£139
USA Launch13 December 2013
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts19°, 22°
Right Handed Lofts17°, 19°, 22°, 25°, 28°
Head Volume115 cc
Swing WeightD4
Shaft NameMatrix Velox T
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexLight, Regular, Stiff
Shaft Weight75, 65, 55 or 45 grams
GripSB Iron Grip .600
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

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