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By Andrew Noyce

Scotland is known as the home of golf and Edinburgh, its capital, is famed for being at the heart of the Scottish Enlightenment, an 18th Century period of learning and new ideas.

Edinburgh company Shot Scope is bringing golf and innovation together again with the launch of a wristband device that they say will empower golfers to monitor trends in their game and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Shot Scope Practice Aid

The beauty of the device is that it works in the background and tracks your round without interruption, letting you simply focus on playing golf.

The wristband comes with 20 unique tags that are inserted into the grip of the club and which automatically sync with your smartphone device. An integrated GPS then tracks your position on the course and via the tag recognises what club you use for each shot.

Once you've reached the green the wristband allows players to record the exact position of the pin on each green to improve the accuracy of approach play, short game and putting statistics.

At the end of the round it is simple to upload your data to any smartphone, tablet using bluetooth or connecting via a USB cable to a computer so you can view your statistics immediately.

Shot Scope Practice Aid

The power of Shot Scope is the depth of the statistical data that gives golfers insights previously only available to top tour professionals. Over 100 statistics can be accessed allowing analysis of tee shorts, approaches, short game and putting or you can focus on each round or performance on individual holes.

Shot Scope Practice Aid

The Shot Scope dashboard allows players to view their statistics in familiar charts, graphs and tables along with every shot plotted on a map of the golf course.

Shot Scope Practice Aid

The software also supports a community that means you can compete with your friends. Select the statistics you want to challenge them on, such as longest drive, and you can set a time period and see who comes out on top.

From April 2016 the RRP for the Shot Scope wristband will be £225, but early birds can take advantage of a special launch price of just £175.




Shot Scope Performance Tracking System Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK Launch14 January 2016
UK Launch RRP£225
USA Launch14 January 2016
Manufacturer's WebsiteShot Scope Website

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