Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Anybody who's watched Ian Poulter at the Ryder Cup knows he can putt under pressure.

Of course a lot of that is due to natural talent but it is also down to hard work and an effective putting practice routine, something all golfers add to their games.

To help you the European star has teamed up with CS2 to create the Ian Poulter putting aid, an indoor putting surface with a variety of practice features, to help you improve in the convenience of your own home.

CS2 Ian Poulter Putting Practice Aid

This updated version of the original CS2 focuses on the fundamentals of putting - a consistent stroke path and a square face at impact.

Poulter and the CS2 designers have devised a 30 minute routine they are confident will deliver improvements in these two crucial areas of on green performance.

Two easily adjustable rails which the putter passes through can be set for a straight or arced putting stroke to hone a consistent stroke and impact position. Immediate feedback comes from the adjustable gates sitting in front of the ball that show if the ball started on your desired line.

This links into Poulter's belief that every putt is straight, a maxim that sits at the heart of his putting philosophy:

A great putter knows that every putt is a straight putt, it is your pace that will determine whether or not you make the putt.

CS2 Ian Poulter Putting Practice Aid

The CS2 backs this up with an optional string alignment that provides a useful sight line to help you stay over the ball and understand the break of a putt. The set also comes with foam inserts that can be used to change the camber of the matt to allow you to mimic and practice breaking putts.




CS2 Ian Polter Putting Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK LaunchMay 2016
UK Launch RRP£59.99
Manufacturer's WebsiteCS2 Website

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