Jamie Kennedy
By Jamie Kennedy

If you are a golfer, over the age of 25, you will likely have heard of the Pinnacle Gold golf ball. The distance/value ball has been popular across the golfing world for the last three decades. Now, for the 2014 season, the company is upgrading and adding some Bling to their range.

Part of the Acushnet Company, who own brands such as Titleist and FootJoy, Pinnacle design and test all their balls at the company's world-class manufacturing facility. This allows them to produce balls made to highest quality and consistency. This process has led to the new Pinnacle Gold ball.

Offered in both white and yellow, the new design features a high-velocity core that provides the long distance that is synonymous with Pinnacle Gold balls. As well as it's fast performance, the core has a softer-compression and soft ionomer cover, which Pinnacle say offers the Gold a "very soft feel, particularly on finesse shots around the green."

A Pinnacle Gold Lady's ball is also available, offered in Bright White only. Both the Pinnacle Gold and Pinnacle Gold Lady will be available from November 1st, 2013, with a suggested retail price of £13.80 per dozen.

“Golfers love the powerful distance they get from any Pinnacle golf ball,” said Michael Mahoney, Director of Golf Ball Product Management, Acushnet Company. “When we asked those golfers what improvements they’d like to see, they wanted the same outstanding distance with even softer feel. That was our design goal, and it’s what R&D has delivered in the new Pinnacle Gold models.”

Furthermore, the company has added a little Bling to the their range.

The Pinnacle Bling balls offer great tee-to-green performance in a variety of High Optix colours. Each pack of twelve balls comes with three white, three pink, three yellow and three orange balls.

The Bling balls deliver distance with an even softer feel, on all shots. The pearlescent finishes of the balls are designed to offer a little fun and flair on the course, whilst providing ultrahigh visibility against the typical shades of blue and green found on the golf course.

As with the Gold range, the Pinnacle Bling will be available from November 1st, at a price of £17 per dozen.

“The more consistent you make a product, the better and more consistent it will perform,” said Mahoney. “Our investment in research and development delivers unsurpassed technology and precision to the manufacturing process, ensuring that every Pinnacle golf ball provides outstanding quality and consistent performance to every golfer.”


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