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To hole more putts you need to have a consistent stroke and according to Ping research, the key to consistency is stroke tempo. Find a good tempo and hole more putts. Simple.

Ping Cadence TR Rustler Putter

Of course it is not as easy as that, but with the Cadence TR family of putters Ping are hoping to help you by producing a range that incorporates putters for specific types of stroke, as well as differing weight options so that golfers can be fit for their stroke tempo to improve their consistency and accuracy from any distance.

All of the models in the Cadence TR range come in a traditional or heavy option allowing players to pick a style to suit their stroke and a weight to best match their tempo.

Ping Cadence TR Putter Faces

There is a difference of around 25g between the two weight options across the models and Ping has neatly differentiated the putters too, with a blue grip and blue face insert for the traditional styles contrasting with the black grips and inserts of the heavier models. Not surprisingly, given the need to increase weight, the blue inserts are made from a lighter aluminium with the black inserts being made from a heavier steel.

Ping Cadence TR Putter Grips

The Anser 2 CB counter-balanced putter is the only Cadence TR offered in the heavier style as this club has a 400g head to provide the counter-balancing effect.

All of the putter inserts feature Ping's true-roll grooves that vary in width and depth to increase consistency on ball speeds from the face and therefore distance control. Both the Ketsch traditional and heavy models have the true-roll grooves precision milled directly into the face of the club rather than using an insert and the models are differentiated by the weights of their sole plates which is 355g in the traditional model and 388g in the heavy version.

Ping Cadence TR Rustler Putter

There are 10 styles of putter in the Cadence TR range and this follows Ping's ethos that certain styles of putter are better suited to different types of putting stroke.

Players with a straight stroke should choose between the B65 Tomcat C putters. Those with a slight arc in their stroke will be best suited to either the Anser 2, Answer W, Rustler, Ketsch or Anscer 2 CB whilst the Shea H Cadence TR are designed for players with a strong arc.

In July 2015 Ping has added two new models to the Cadence TR range, the Ketsch Mid which has a smaller head than the original Ketsch mallet and the Craz-e-r, a variation on Ping's popular Craz-e head shape. Both of these putters can be fit to accommodate straight, slight arc, or strong arc stroke types.

All of the Cadence TR putters come in both adjustable or non-adjustable shaft length options with prices starting from £130 for the non-adjustable Anser 2 and B60 models.

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Ping Cadence TR Putter - Product Details

UK Launch12 January 2015
UK Launch RRP£130
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
MaterialSteel, Aluminium
FinishBlack Nickel
Club Length35 inches
GripGolf Pride Ping Cadence PP58 Midsize
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
ModelsStraight Stroke: B65 (Blade), Tomcat C (Mid-Mallet); Slight Arc: Anser 2 (Blade), Anser w (Blade), Rustler (Mallet). Ketsch (Mallet), Anser 2 CB (Counter-Balanced); Strong Arc: Shea H (Mid-Mallet); All Strokes: Ketsch Mid (Mid-Mallet), Craz-e-r (HIgh MOI)
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

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