Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Following hot on the heels of the innovative Silencer Golf Bags that eliminate irritating bag chatter as you walk the course, Ogio has unveiled another feature to benefit golfers who like to carry their bags.

The Shoxx X4 Suspension is the name for Ogio's new strap system, which has been designed to address any weight burden issues you many encounter regardless of how much gear you have put in the bag.

Ogio Shoxx X4 Suspension Strap

The system works like a shock absorber in the car. The straps sit on your shoulders comfortably thanks to the advanced molded XX shoulder pads that are joined by an elastomeric suspension system between the shoulder straps. This then absorbs movement as you walk, eliminating weight shift and equalising the load.

By balancing the load it enables the player to avoid leaning as they walk making for a much more comfortable and less tiring experience.

It also neutralises the effects of downward pull as you walk, placing significantly less strain on your neck and shoulders.

Ogio Silencer Stand Bags

The Shoxx X4 suspension straps are fitted to several of OGIO’s current stand bag range, including Grom, Silencer and Ozone.



Ogio Silencer Stand Golf Bag - Product Details

UK LaunchJuly 2015
UK Launch RRP£189
USA LaunchJune 2015
Bag TypesStand
Manufacturer's WebsiteOgio Website

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