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Ogio may not quite be a household name when it comes to golf equipment but they have been in the industry for over 30 years and are also well-regarded for making excellent quality premium backpacks, travel bags and luggage.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

This has been reflected by the fact that they were bought by Callaway back in 2017, to add a slightly more upscale selection of products to their existing bag and accessory range.

A quick look at the Ogio website shows that they have also partnered with the European Tour as their Official Luggage Partner to carry equipment for 47 weeks per year across 31 different countries, which is a pretty impressive endorsement.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

The Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag is part of their wider Convoy collection which focuses on recycled fabrics that are sustainable and durable and features an MOD storage system. It's definitely up there with one of the best cart bags I have ever used, too...

What's It All About?

The key idea with this bag is that you should never be caught short on the golf course - as it has the space and features to allow golfers to prepare for all eventualities - with Callaway's site claiming that this is the ideal bag for those players who 'could survive for two weeks in the wilderness with the things that they bring for a round of golf'.

The Alpha Convoy bags are made from a fabric called Cordura which is very durable and also eco-friendly. It's made from recycled plastic bottles so if you do buy one you can sleep easy knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment as well as getting a good quality product.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

As part of the MOD Storage System, the Convoy Hard Case is a nice way to carry some of your valuables or gear that you want to keep separate from the rest of your bag.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

There are three clips which mean that this can be attached virtually anywhere you like on the bag, but I chose to strap it in on the middle velcro section to avoid it swinging around whilst I was walking with my trolley.

As you'd expect from a cart bag like this there are a wide array of pocket and pouches to help store and protect all of your gear during a round of golf.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

There's a lined valuables pocket as well as an insulated cool pocket which has two tiny holes at the bottom to allow moisture to escape, so that you don't end up with a puddle of water at the bottom of your pocket after the ice has melted in your drink.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

Personally I like golf bags to be pretty plain and simple - I'm not a huge fan of really shiny finishes or loud, bright colourways, so the understated design and matte finish of the Convoy 514 suited me well.

I may not have picked the red colour but once I got it out on the course I actually thought it looked really smart. I can imagine that it could go down quite well with fans of certain football teams though!

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

If red is not your colour, there are a whole host of other colour options available for the bag, including black, white, grey and camo, which is a big plus point.

Ogio says that that one of the main benefits of the Alpha collection is the organisation it provides and that is evident straight away, as you can clearly see just how many different pockets and compartments the bag boasts.

There's a 14-way divider and huge putter well on top, fit for even the largest of mallet putters, along with an umbrella holder complete with an excellent toggle to make sure that it remains in place.

I like the fact that Ogio has included a variety of different shapes and sizes for their pockets too, as it means that you can find a suitable home for all of your gear.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

The large side pocket has a small clip at the top for something like your keys, along with a hidden zip pocket, and is ideal for storing the rainhood or some spare waterproofs.

The front pocket at the bottom is where I'd usually keep my golf balls in most bags but as it is so large, I was able to sneak a spare pair of shoes and a cap in there. It's a good job the bag was on a trolley and not being carried by a caddy though, as I would not want to carry it around for four hours!

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

One thing that cart bags like this have really improved upon in recent years is the addition of handles so that it is much easier to transport the bag, and the Alpha Convoy 514 is no different.

There's a good carry handle on the bag of the bag behind the strap, along with three large handles on the top and a smaller slot towards the base, allowing you to lift the bag in and out of the car or off the trolley with minimal effect.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

The only concern I'd really have with this bag is if I was to use it in really bad weather, for example if it was raining heavily. I'm sure the sealed zips and valuables pockets would do a good job of protecting some of your gear, but the fabric texture of the bag itself would be liable to get very wet indeed.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

If you like to play on a Saturday and a Sunday, for example, you might find that your bag is still wet on the Sunday morning if you're stuck in a heavy downpour so that is worth bearing in mind if you're looking for the Convoy 514 to be a year-round option.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Verdict

I think an easy way to summarise the Alpha Convoy 514 is that it seemed to do the little things well - the sign of a good golf bag is that it makes your life easier and it felt like this one was dependable and high-quality without having to shout about it.

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

Little touches like the magnetic towel loop and the discreet cart strap pass-through just remind you that plenty of time and attention have gone into the detail of this bag to make your round of golf slightly more pleasurable without you really even noticing it.

Would I Use It?

Definitely. For practicality, smart looks and abundance of storage, the Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 is going to be my bag of choice whenever I am playing golf with a trolley or buggy.


  • Smart and premium looks

  • Excellent choice of colours available

  • Abundance of storage

  • Durable and eco-friendly fabric


  • Not waterproof in heavy rain

  • Price is certainly premium

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Bag Review

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Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Golf Bag

Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Golf Bag - Product Details

UK Launch RRP£249.95
GolferMens, Women
Bag TypesCart
Bag Width14 inches
Bag Weight2.9 kg
Colour Options: Red, Grey, Orange, Green, Blue, Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteOgio Website

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