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By Andrew Noyce

Since the earliest days of slot machines in the United States '777' has been renowned for hitting the jackpot.

That's what it will feel like if you're number comes up to get your hands on one of the Odyssey 'Lucky 777' limited edition putters released to celebrate the continued success of its #7 putter.

Odyssey Lucky 777 #7 Putter

The progressive mallet design of the #7 has been a leading money-winner on tours worldwide for 10 years so Odyssey have manufactured 777 of the putters, with 77 of those available for sale in Europe.

Not content to stop there, Odyssey have really pulled out the stops with the Lucky 777, tailoring a unique #7 putter to make it a real collectors item for putting connoisseurs.

Austie Rollinson, Odyssey's Principal Desginer, explains how the Lucky 777 stands out:

The #7 is quickly earning a place as one of the best putters ever designed. For this special line of #7s, we’re coming out with some looks and options no one has ever seen before in this model.

Odyssey Lucky 777 #7 Putter

The head of the Lucky 777 has been precision milled from 1020 carbon steel and has been given a distinctive Copper Rose finish. Add in a one-off golf PVD Fusion RX insert and a casino-themed aluminium sole plate, that gives striking looks and allows players to adjust the weight of the head, and you can see what makes this special edition stand out.

Odyssey Lucky 777 #7 Putter

The weight can be altered between 340g, 350g or 360g, to match putting conditions and personal preference whilst this #7 is also available in three unique hosel options: CH - Crank hosel with crank joint; SB - single bend look with slant joint; and CS - centre-shafted.

Like all Odyssey #7 putters the limited edition Lucky 777 has a high MOI and the alignment wings make it easy to line up to your target.

Odyssey Lucky 777 #7 Putter

Sold through authorised Callaway stockists, the Lucky 777's come with a Black Tour Pistol Grip and a Lucky 777 themed headcover.

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Callaway Odyssey Lucky 777 Putter - Product Details

UK Launch01 July 2015
UK Launch RRP£429
USA Launch01 July 2015
GripBlack Tour Pistol
Putter ShapesMallet
ModelsCH - Crank Hosel; SB - Single Bend; CS - Centre-Shafted.
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesNo
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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