Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

It's an age old problem for serious golfers, players who want to hit the golf course whatever the conditions. How to keep warm and beat the elements without hindering their game.

Nike Golf's Aeroloft golf jacket utilises technology to present a new solution to keeping warm without adding weight or impeding movement.

Nike Golf Aeroloft Poly Filled Jacket

A combination of stretch knit fabrics and Aeroloft Poly Filled padding allows the jacket to maximise movement whilst promoting thermoregulation.

Nike Golf designers teamed up with the Nike Explore Team Sport Research lab to develop Aeroloft, producing a jacket that allows the body to maintain its core temperature without overheating. Blending lightweight insulation in the form of the Poly Filled padding around the core with a perforated ventilation via laser cut holes between the insulated panels that allow excess heat and moisture to escape. The Poly Fill also has the added benefit of keeping players dry if rains showers hit the course.

Nike Golf Aeroloft Poly Filled Jacket

The jackets use Therma-Fit knit fabric that also helps keep the player warm and insulated whilst the brushed interior of this material enhances comfort. The jacket has zipped pockets for storage as well as a media-cord port.

Nike Golf Aeroloft Poly Filled Jacket

The Nike Aeroloft Poly Filled Jacket comes in black, photo blue and midnight navy for men and the padding covers the body's core on the front and back.

For women the jacket comes in black and summit white and features some additional poly fill padding on the arms and sides.

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