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By Andrew Noyce

Golf Pride has been looking at the data and analysing the preferences of Tour Pro's. As a result they've extended their MCC family of grips with the MCC Plus4 that mirrors the four layers of tape that more than 70% of their players use to build up their grips.

The MCC Plus4 uses the same upper and lower hand design that has made the grips so popular, however in this version the bottom end has grown.

The reason Tour players like the grips built up is to reduce the tension in their hands, resulting in more power. The new MCC Plus4 will bring this benefit directly to all players. It has a less tapered shape and the diameter in the lower hand is 4.6% thicker than the previous MCC grips.

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Golf Grip

This increase in size should encourage a lighter grip pressure that could help increase swing power. Golf Pride has also used a new, softer, compound in the lower section of the grip to improve feel.

Brandon Sowell, Global Director of Sales and Marketing for Golf Pride:

80 percent of players on the the PGA Tour trust Golf Pride grips, so we have a large body of data to examine their specific grip preferences. We've used that knowledge to create the MCC Plus4, which reflects the shape and design preferences of the game's best players, to improve performance and feel for golfers of all skill levels.

The upper section of the grip focuses on the different performance advantages required by the upper hand in the golf swing. A new performance rubber gives stability to the grip and is combined with Golf Pride's Brushed Cotton cord that keeps the grips dry and maximises traction.

The MCC Plus4 grips are available in either blue, red or grey and weigh 52 grams with a standard core diameter of 60 round. A mid-size option is also available in grey only.



Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grip

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grip - Product Details

UK Launch15 March 2014
UK Launch RRP£13
Handicap Range
Manufacturer's WebsiteGolf Pride Website

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