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Two new lightweight shafts have been announced by KBS, who are quickly becoming regarded amongst the best in golf shaft design for both amateurs and tour players, since its inception just over a decade ago.

Led by industry expert Kim Braly, KBS now has 24 different shafts on offer from hybrid down to putter, with comprehensive custom fitting options so that golfers can really tune their shafts for ultimate performance to suit their game.

KBS 2019 Shafts

The S-Taper Lite provides the same feel as the popular S-Taper Tour but in a lightweight package for accomplished players who prefer a mid-launch coupled with a low to mid-spin shaft. The Max Graphite is aimed at higher handicappers who want a light shaft that is easy to swing and provides a higher trajectory and maximised performance.

Kim Braly, R&D and Tour Operations Director commented:

We're very excited to be launching two new lighter shafts that offer a range of benefits for player of varying abilities. The number of players choosing to play KBS on Tour speaks volumes, and the number of different shafts we have benefits players of all abilities.

KBS S-Taper Lite Shaft

Designed for the better player looking for a lightweight performance shaft that will launch higher and produce a little more spin than the regular model, the latest S-Taper Lite also offers feel and workability along with a tighter shot dispersion.

KBS 2019 Shafts

According to Kim:

We had a lot of positive feedback about how the S-Taper Tour performed since its launch last year and we're constantly looking for ways to adapt and improve our shafts, and a lighter version was the obvious option.

The S-Taper Lite is available this month in taper tip in 95g Regular, 100g Stiff and 105g X Stiff options, with a parallel tip at 110g and 43.5" combo flex option.

KBS MAX Graphite Shaft

With the same EI curve seen in the Max Steel shaft, each MAX Graphite shift is custom fit so that the player's swing speed is matched to the weight of the club for ultimate compatibility.

KBS 2019 Shafts

Kim says:

The MAX graphite shaft will have a major impact in all areas of the game for higher handicappers looking for a consistent performance on every shot.

Available from March, it comes in a parallel tip in 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85 gram weights.

Are you into your shafts? Have you used a KBS shaft before? If you're finding all this talk of flex, tips and torque a little too confusing then head over to our handy shaft guide here to brush up on your knowledge first before you go making any decisions.


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