Andrew Noyce
By Andrew Noyce

Although making large strides in the golf industry since its inception in 2008, there is no-doubting that KBS is still a relatively new and unfamiliar brand to many golfers. With the introduction of the new KBS Tour S-Taper taper shaft however, based on the same bend profile found in the top selling KBS Tour shaft that has accounted for the majority of the brand’s numerous tour victories, the recognition continues to grow.

KBS S-Taper Shaft

The new S-Taper shaft incorporates elongated step patterns that are said to control spin and help generate a stable performance throughout the swing for a superior feel at impact, while still maintaining shot workability for golfers looking for a mid-launch coupled with a low to mid-spin shaft.

KBS Tour FLT Shaft Kim Braly Interview

Kim Braly, R&D and Tour Operations director explains the thinking behind the S-Taper shaft:

The KBS Tour changed the performance and feel of steel golf shafts on Tour when it was unveiled almost ten years ago and the S-Taper will do the same for a new generation of golfers looking for the best golf shafts on the market. The S-Taper is perfect for the player looking for a straighter and stronger ball flight with lower spin, resulting in a Tour calibre performance and feel.

The S-Taper shaft iron options are available from 3-PW, with a .355 taper tip diameter. As well as the classic chrome steel look, the shaft is also available in a more eye-catching Black PVD finish in five flex options (X, S+, S, R and R+), with weights ranging from 110-130g.

KBS S-Taper Shaft

Kim Braly is a well-renowned shaft designer who also created the Rifle and Project X golf shafts before launching KBS. In their short time in the golf industry they have managed to amass a number of impressive accolades. More than 150 tour victories have been won with KBS Shaft’s including last year’s US Open at Oakmont and the Gold Medal at last year’s Olympics.

If the technology inside the new KBS S-Taper iron has as much success as a number of its predecessors, the future looks bright for KBS, and consistent for golfers.


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