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Honma are gradually becoming more of a household name in the western golfing world, following the signing of Justin Rose at the back end of 2018. If you do know anything about the Japanese brand, you'll probably be aware that their stuff is not cheap. At all. But the new BERES range has taken things to a whole new level...

Honma BERES Range

Designed for golfers with slower swing speeds, the super-premium collection of hand-crafted drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons features game-enhancing technology which produces larger sweet spots and 'explosive ball speeds' off the club head.

100 craftsmen, in Honma's Japanese factory, use the finest available components to ensure consistency across the set. Options range from 2 to 5 star models, graded on the technology and materials in the shaft as well as the gold and platinum embellishments in the heads.

Alejandro Sanchez, General Manager of Honma Golf Europe, commented:

The aesthetic beauty of the new BERES range will appeal to discerning golfers looking for something exceptional from their golf cubs. Each set of clubs is unique to the customer and reflects their personal preferences and individual swing.

The BERES Range was first introduced in 2005 and also gives golfers the opportunity to decorate their driver, fairway woods and hybrids from a wide array of colour options, along with adding their name to the club head and shaft.

With a 7-axis design, the Metal Hybrid Armour Technology in the 2 to 5 star shafts is very strong, and adds 5mm of counterbalance to help promote faster swing speeds.

Honma BERES Driver and Ladies Driver

The BERES driver features a Maximum Speed Slot, producing a trampoline effect off the face for a higher launch and, therefore, longer carry. Slots located near the leading edge on both the heel and toe ensure that forgiveness is maintained on off-centre strikes.

Honma BERES Range

Radial face insert technology provides more strength and a larger sweet spot for extra forgiveness. The driver is optimised for golfers with swing speeds of around 90mph and also features an ultra-thin, lightweight 811 Ti body and crown for a lower centre of gravity.

Honma BERES Range

The Ladies driver features an 811+ Ti titanium body and crown which is better suited to golfers with swing speeds of around 80 mph. A variable face thickness insert helps to produce better ball speed across the hitting area, and the ultra-thin crown lowers the CG for an easier launch.

Honma BERES Fairway Wood

Created with a similar design to the driver, the BERES fairway woods feature a speed slot across the sole, along with 'evolved slots' on the heel and toe to help tighten up dispersion.

Honma BERES Range

A more rounded heel shape has improved turf interaction in comparison to previous models, and lowers the centre of gravity for a more piercing ball flight.

There's a straight leading edge, said to help with alignment, and a shallow sole combines with the speed slot to generate a high ball flight, allowing golfers to attack the pin with more confidence.

Honma BERES Hybrid

The BERES Hybrid is defined by classic looks with detailed craftmanship, which Honma is saying makes it a 'highly desirable' option for the top end of the bag.

Honma BERES Range

Again, the straight leading edge helps with alignment while the Maximum Sped Slot gives a ball flight which is both high and penetrating.

Honma BERES Irons

The new BERES Irons feature a larger, lighter and thinner L-Cup face design which results in a more rounded leading edge with improved feel. A new C-Cup structure wrapped around the toe expands the sweet spot.

Honma BERES Range

Surplus weight is moved out to the toe and heel of the club to increase the MOI and ensure a lower, deeper centre of gravity for greater distance. A new, thinner ellipse face flexes more at impact to increase ball speed.

Honma BERES Range

We warned you that this gear is not cheap. Well, here it is...

Honma says "recommended prices range from £329 for a 2-Star iron to £4,199 per club for a 5-Star version with ARMRQ high-performance shafts". Yes, you read the correctly.


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