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By Dan Box

GolfBuddy has announced three new laser rangefinder models to their lineup this Spring in time for the start of the golfing season, as they seek to reaffirm their place amongst the market leaders in the distance-measuring device market.

GolfBuddy 2019 Laser Rangefinders

The aim Laser 1, Laser 1S and aim L10V rangefinders all follow the company ethos of being Accurate, Innovative and Measurable, quailities which are said to be at the heart of their latest technology.

GolfBuddy Laser 1 and Laser 1S

The Laser 1 and Laser 1S aim to provide a reasonably-price laser which is still packed full of all the technology you need for accurate and easy usage.

GolfBuddy 2019 Laser Rangefinders

Both models are lightweight, at just over 7 ounces, and feature an ergonomic and sporty design which looks sleek and can be easily transported on a bag or even in your pocket whilst playing. The lasers themselves feature 6x magnification along with a wider LCD screen to make it easier to see measurements.

There a three different targeting modes - Standard, Scan and Pin Finder - with a vibration felt by the user to confirm that a target has been locked.

GolfBuddy 2019 Laser Rangefinders

The 'S' in the Laser 1S indicates that the model benefits from a Slope function, where adjusted yardages can be shown which account for any undulations in the terrain between the golfer and the target. No more leaving approach shots short at the bottom of the hill!

GolfBuddy 2019 Laser Rangefinders

Priced at £229.99 and £269.99, the Laser 1 and Laser 1S are both competitively priced and easy to use, so if you're looking for quick and easy yardages but don't want to break the bank, they could be well worth considering.

GolfBuddy aim L10V

The key talking point here is the unique audio option in this laser, which gives spoken confirmation of distances for complete ease-of-use along with extra confidence of the number you are aiming to hit.

GolfBuddy 2019 Laser Rangefinders

This combines with many of the same features of the Laser 1/Laser 1S including the three targeting modes, and 6x magnification on the new, wider LCD screen.

GolfBuddy 2019 Laser Rangefinders

At £299.99 this is GolfBuddy's top of the range laser and so it is packed with other technologies such as the optional slope-reading function, automatic shut-off to save battery and the option to switch off audio (so that your competitors don't get the same advantage as you).

To see more from GolfBuddy, take a look at their new Voice 2 GPS device and aim W10 GPS Watch which were announced last month.


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