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When I tested the GOLFBUDDY aim L10V last year I was really impressed with it's compact, lightweight design as well as the added bonus of a voice function which shouted out your yardages to make sure you didn't misread anything.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

This year they are seeking to appeal to not just the dedicated golf nuts by introducing the GB LASER Lite. This is a lightweight model which comes in at just £129.99, making it affordable to a wide range of players and introducing them to the benefits of the precise yardages provided by a laser.

What's It All About?

GOLFBUDDY describe the LASER Lite as a sporty and compact device which includes 'maximum features at a fraction of the price'.

Of course, the key thing is that the laser provides you with measurements, available in both yards and metres, quickly and easily. The Laser Lite is said to provide a 0.5 second One-Click Measure so that you can add the use of a rangefinder into your pre-shot routine without wasting any time.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

These speedy measurements are available up to 730m, if you ever play a golf hole that long, and comes with three different modes - Normal, Scan and Pin - so that you get high performance in any instance.

Normal Mode - "With a click of a button while aiming at the target, the distance will show in the display with vibration"

Pin Mode - "When there are obstacles behind the pin, you can use this mode to measure accurate distance. Once it aims towards a specific target behind the pin, click the measurement button and move the unit towards the pin to display distance."

Scan Mode - "Useful when measuring various targets. Click the measurement button once towards the target to see the distance to each target. Can be scanned for 10 consecutive seconds and takes one short click to start."

The 6x TrueOptics Multilayer lens allows you to see targets and distances clearly in a wide range of different weather and light types, whilst the jolt function gives a vibration once the target has been acquired to provide extra reassurance that the distance has been measured correctly.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

You get the all-important slope function too which gives adjusted yardages that compensates for elevation changes, meaning that you don't hit an iron shot straight down the flag only to see it fly 20 yards over the back of the green. Like most modern-day rangefinders, this function can also be turned on and off for competition modes.


"I think we have created the perfect option for players who are new to golf or have been playing for years. The GB LASER Lite has all the functions you need to make your shot selection easier, whilst being light in weight, fast in delivering information and affordable on price."

Nicholas Dusabe, GOLFBUDDY European Marketing Coordinator

GOLFBUDDY GB LASER Lite Rangefinder Review

First things first, I think that the LASER Lite looks great, from the clean white, black and red colourway to the good quality carry case.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

Aesthetically I don't think that this looks too much different to any of the premium lasers out there and it's exactly what you'd expect from someone like GOLFBUDDY who have consistently given us impressive products since we started reviewing them over a decade ago.

The laser weighs in at 143 grams and personally I think it could benefit from being a little bit heavier. I think the extra weight may have made it feel slightly more substantial and probably more durable too, whereas the fact that it is so light does remind you that this is a 'budget' option.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

Considering most golfers will have this attached to their bag or trolley, I don't think saving weight should be a huge consideration - stability is far more important for me.

As mentioned earlier there are three different modes of measurement, although personally I found the scan mode quite tricky to use as it pickied out so many different targets, it was hard to know which was which at times.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

If I was to use this laser regularly I'd probably stick with normal or pin modes as they seemed to work quickly and easily. The addition of the vibration is also a bonus for me as it just provides a little bit of extra reassurance that you have locked on to your target.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

I struggled a little bit to read the text towards the end of my round as the sun was setting and so the visibility wasn't great, although I'm sure most lasers would've been the same. I have mentioned before, however, that I think red text is much easier to read regardless of the time of day and so hopefully this becomes more commonly used in the coming years.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

The LASER Lite does of course include the all-important slope compensation mode which I think is one of the most important advancements in golf tech for years, as it really does make a difference on the course in improving your scores. This can be turned on and off for competition play although there's no visible switch on the side of the device like some lasers have, so you'll just have to take your playing partner's word for it.

GOLFBUDDY GB LASER Lite Rangefinder Verdict

The GOLFBUDDY GB LASER Lite is a fantastic option for someone who has never used a laser before, or if you're a relative newcomer to the game who is looking to tech for a little more precision without breaking the bank.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

If you have previously used a top of the range laser such as a Bushnell or even GOLFBUDDY's previous aim L10V then you might notice that this is perhaps a step down when it comes to overall build quality and performance, although sits at such a competitive price point that this is entirely understandable.

With Christmas just around the corner, this could be an ideal present for a golfer in your family to help them dial in precise distances on the course and make better decisions, which should hopefully lower their scores too.

GolfBuddy Laser Lite Rangefinger Review

For the elite or avid golfer who doesn't mind paying a little extra to get the ultimate performance then I'd probably suggest looking at a model with a higher price point. For the vast majority of golfers however, the GOLFBUDDY GB LASER Lite will be a winner.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent price point
  • Smart colourway and design
  • All-important Slope mode


  • Not always easy to read the text clearly
  • Felt a little insubstantial

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GolfBuddy GB LASER Lite Golf GPS Rangefinder

GolfBuddy GB LASER Lite Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK Launch08 November 2020
UK Launch RRP£129.99
European Launch08 November 2020
GolferMens, Women
Device TypeLaser
Power OptionsBattery
DimensionsWidth: 103mm, Height: 74mm, Depth: 39mm
Device Weight143 grams
Manufacturer's WebsiteGolfBuddy Website

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