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By Andrew Noyce

When the world's most powerful man is spotted using your device you may just be onto something.

For the makers of Game Golf, Barack Obama, who was spotted using the shot tracker at Martha's Vineyard Farm Neck Golf Club, is just the latest of many golfers turning to the USGA & R&A approved system.

Game Golf Tags

Game Golf is an easy to use system that improves your game by analysing your entire round from tee to green.

Simply install the unique tags into the end of each of your clubs and then tag these to the Game Golf device, that can be easily carried on your belt or your bag, to record the shot.

Game Golf records what club you've used and where on the course you have used it and combines this data to give you a unique visualisation of your game.

With the information from your round uploaded the supporting Game Golf software then gives you a unique visualisation of your round showing you what happened on all of your shots and providing you with all the stats you need: Fairway Accuracy, GIR, Putts Per Hole, Scrambling and more.

Game Golf Devices

The more rounds you log the more you benefit as Game Golf compares your results, monitors trends in your game and highlights and tracks improvements with a focus on education and performance improvement.

The easy to use platform also has the benefit of allowing you to compare your game to the pro's that use the system as well as keeping an eye on and challenging your friends.

Game Golf is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and as such when new features are added to the software you're experience will be enhanced with even more made of the data you log on the course.

Recently added features include:

  • Smart Shot Detection: A new algorithm detects all shots from tee to green so even if you forget to tag a shot Game Golf captures the location and notifies you during your game review.
  • Round Privacy: Allows players to hide as many rounds as they like whilst still allowing the data to be incorporated in the users overall performance.
  • Club Performance: Players can filter their club distances in a number of scenarios, for example latest rounds, specific courses or lie type and Game Golf will calculate distances for specific clubs.
  • Game Benchmarks: The benchmarking system allows users to compare their stats with other users who have a similar score average allowing them to highlight areas for improvement in their game.
  • Mobile Challenges: Users can now join or create communities to set up private challenges in a number of categories such as longest drive, GIR or putting. This feature can be set up in real time through the Game Golf mobile apps allowing for increased social interaction and competition as you play.

Graeme McDowell, who had been involved in the development of Game Golf, explains it's appeal:

The Game Golf platform is right at the cutting edge of data capture. It amazes me just how great the feedback is that you get out of it. I can share my rounds of golf all over the world via Twitter and Facebook and let's be honest there's nothing quite like that in golf today.

Game Golf Graeme McDowell

Lee Westwood, who has also helped to develop the product, illustrates how it can help your game:

It's a great way to capture the game you've just played. You can see through the data where you can improve your game and with golf being a game of such fine margins, just improving slightly in certain areas can mean saving one or two shots a round.




Game Golf Digital Tracking System Golf Practice Aid

Game Golf Digital Tracking System Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

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