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By Andrew Noyce

Game Golf broke the mould in 2014 when it released the first wearable device and integrated software platform, allowing golfers to easily capture real performance data that could be reviewed and learnt from after the round.

To build on the success of the Game Golf Classic product the company is releasing the new Game Golf Live, which will allow players to connect and compare their game to both friends and PGA professionals, such as Graeme McDowell and Lee Westwood, in real time.

Game Golf Live

Game Golf Live functions using the same intuitive interface as the original Game Golf product with a small, lightweight device worn on the waist that pairs with the ultra-light sensor tags attached to the top of the grip of each club.

Using GPS motion sensors and near-field communication technology, the tags pair with the waist-worn device allowing the player to easily record each stroke played, the location on the hole, the club used as well as the distance and accuracy by logging the location of the next shot played.

With the Classic version, all of this information was available to a player after the game to analyse using Game Golf's website, which helped to highlight trends and areas for improvement. We got to test the original version so you can find out more about how it works by reading our Game Golf review.

Game Golf Live, as the name suggests, is taking the concept a step further and bringing this information to your fingertips in real time via your smartphone with the data from every shot instantly displayed. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and benefits from an upgrade to the mapping system, now featuring Google Maps, Apple Maps and Bing Maps, allowing you to also use it in real time as an on course GPS rangefinder.

Game Golf Live

Game Golf Live incorporates a number of enhanced features, including the use of the increasingly popular Strokes Gained statistic that was developed by Professor Mark Broadie and is used on the PGA Tour. Strokes Gained is based on the average number of shots taken to get down from a certain distance and Game Golf uses this information to help pinpoint opportunities to improve your game.

If you've got the Game Golf Live app you will be able to see all of this information on the go, but the analysis is also available through the website for all users of Game Golf once their round data is uploaded.

When you're back on the Game Golf website after your round, a detailed Tips section will interpret the data and compare your recent rounds to rounds from scratch players and highlight how many strokes are lost driving, from the fairway, and around or on the greens, allowing you to focus on areas of improvement.

Game Golf Live

Golfers who currently have the Game Golf system will be able to continue using Game Golf as they do now, including access to the new stats. However, the hardware is not compatible with the new app software so to use Game Golf Live you'll have to purchase the new kit, but existing users are being offered the opportunity to upgrade for just £99.99 until November 11th, 2015.




Game Golf Live Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK Launch09 November 2015
UK Launch RRP£249.99
USA Launch09 November 2015
Manufacturer's WebsiteGame Golf Website

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