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Cleveland Golf have released an update to their Frontline putter range with the new Frontline Elite models, with eight different putters utilising a 'one-of-a-kind' tungsten face to help golfers hit straighter and more consistent putts.

Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters

The Frontline Elite Putters were designed to reduce the negative effects of off-centre strikes, helping players to hole more putts regardless on their stroke.

For the Frontline Elite Putters, we used more than 30g of metal injection molded tungsten across the striking read to move weight as far forward as possible. In a forward-weighted putter design, face rotation is significantly reduced on off centre strikes. So, even if you miss-hit your putt, your ball will stay more online, head towards the hole as intended, and at the desired speed for more scoring chances.

Joe Miller, Product Manager, Cleveland Golf Europe

Cleveland ran a number of computer simulations to compare the front-weighted Frontline Elite against competitors with rear-weighting, and the results showed that there was a 38% improved accuracy when hit off-centre.

Each putter in the lineup includes the Speed Optimised Face Technology (SOFT) with individualised groove patterns, which are specific to each shape, to provide balanced energy transfer across a wider surface area. This works to normalise ball speeds so that miss-hits travel a similar distance to perfectly struck putts.

Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters

The putters also feature counterbalance weights beneath the grip and sole weights in each head. This is intended to help maintain a consistent swing feel.

Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters

To help golfers improve their alignment, the 2135 Technology is featured on every mallet model and uses either a simple or high-contrast alignment line to best accommodate a slight arc or straight stroke type.

Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters

Key Innovations in the Frontline Elite Putters:

  • Tungsten Soft: A combination of the Proprietary Speed Optimised Face Technology for consistent distance on all strikes, plus tungsten material creates a forward CG for straighter, more accurate putts.

Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters

  • Stroke Specific Designs: All Frontline Elite Putters feature a grip, hosel, and alignment scheme designed specifically for either a slight arc or straight stroke type. Simple or High-Contrast alignment lines are on each head, along with patented 2135 Technology featured on mallet designs. Straight stroke designs use an oversize pistol grip, while slight arc designs use a skinny pistol design from Lamkin.

  • Consistent Swing Feel: Each model features adjustable sole weights and built-in counterbalance weights. This harmonious weighting system gives every putter an ideal, consistent swing feel, no matter the shaft length or head chosen.

Available from 3rd March, the Frontline Elite Putters are priced at £299 and are available in either a standard shaft or the new All-In shaft from UST Mamiya - a balanced shaft which is designed to add stiffness, strength and more consistency.

Frontline Elite models available: 1.0, Elevado Slant Neck, CERO Slant Neck, RHO Slant Neck, 8.0, Elevado Single Bend, CERO Single Bend, RHO Single Bend.

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