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By Andrew Noyce

There is a good chance that you already rely on Champ technology to give you grip on the golf course. Champ spikes have carried 33 of the last 45 major winners to victory and are the number 1 brand on the PGA Tour. Driven by an innovation in technology approach Champ are now turning their attention to golf grips with the launch of their C Grip collection.

Champ C Grips

Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide explains this natural progression.

Our brand has enjoyed steady global growth for many years and with the new C Grip collection we are poised to become a major player in this competitive category. The unique technology and designs that our engineering team created are geared exclusively toward enhancing golfer performance.

Champ C8 Grip

The Champ C Grip collection is led by the C8 line that uses the most advanced technology and highest grade technology. Champ has created a new Thermoplasic Olefin (TPO) composite that is infused with Kevlar to provide optimum feel with torque control and exceptional wear resistance. The C8 incorporates an "anti-shock" layer and has a tacky texture designed to combine excellent fell and performance in all weather conditions.

Champ C8 Grips

The C8 is also available as a "Performance Set" with the 13 grips split into 3 groups that focus on the requirement of the club. The longer clubs fall into the Power grip category that have a firm feel to complement drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. Low and mid irons get the Control grip which has a medium feel whilst the short irons have the Feel grips that are designed with a very soft feel for the finesse shorts.

Champ C6 Grip

The C6 grip is a two-tone rubber grip available in non-cord, half-cord and full cord options with built in extra support aimed to dampen vibrations and provide consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Champ C6 Grips

Champ C4 Grip

The C4 grip is an all rubber grip that incorporates a unique diamond and curve design for control and feel and provides a useful hand position guide as an aid to players of any skill level.

Champ C4 Grips

Champ C2 Grip

The C2 grips also feature Champs diamond design and offers an excellent replacement grip at a value price.

Champ C2 Grips

Champ C1 Putter Grip

The Champ C series also includes a range of putter grips in the shape of the C1. Coming in small, medium, large and belly/long options you can cater to whatever style of putter you use. The C1 is a flat front design made from a super soft, lightweight polyurethane material.

Champ C1 Putter Grips


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