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With golf technology reaching the limits set in place by the governing bodies, manufacturers are looking to other ways to entice golfers to purchase their latest inventions.

Recent seasons have seen more manufacturers offering you the chance to customise the look of your clubs online with Scotty Cameron's Custom Shop for putters and Cleveland Golf offering My Custom Wedge for your wedges.

Now Callaway Golf have become the first to offer driver customisation launching "udesign", an online customisation tool that you can use to design your own Callaway RAZR Fit Driver.

We caught up with Callaway's Jeff Colton, Senior Vice-President of Global Brand and Product to find out what consumers can expect from udesign.

Jeff Colton, Callaway GolfSo, what is Callaway udesign?

Udesign is llaway's online customisation tool. It offers who are buying a Callaway RAZR Fit Driver the ability to design their own version of the club.

OK, so how does it work?

Featuring an innovative and easy-to-use interface, customers can choose their own colour choices to be featured on their RAZR Fit’s clubhead and grip, as well as a myriad of shaft model and other custom configurations. Udesign gives golfers the ability to express their individualism like never before.

With each click, the RAZR Fit image on screen modifies in real time to show the latest design choice. After making a colour selection, advanced customisation options detailing the choice of stock or after-market shaft, its flex, length, grip model and wraps follow.

Why offer this service?

Golf is already the most personalised sport there is in terms of custom equipment options and our new udesign by Callaway platform brings personalisation to a new and exciting place.

Can all golfers benefit from the service?Absolutely. The Callaway RAZR Fit Driver is already in the hands of Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Alvaro Quiros and the accessibility to virtually customise RAZR Fit drivers is available for both men and ladies' models, right or left handed.

Have any of Callaway's Tour Staff tried udesign?

Yes, San Diego native Phil Mickelson chose powder blue and gold in honour of the San Diego Chargers American Football team, whilst Callaway staffer and apparel ambassador Alvaro Quiros said “Give me one in every colour and I will match my driver with my apparel.”

Typical Spaniard! So what does the service cost?

On top of the cost of the Callaway’s RAZR Fit Driver the udesign personalisation and customisation feature has an additional fee of £40.

So there you have it. You could be just a few clicks away from your very own, customised Callaway RAZR Fit Driver. What colours would you choose?

For more information and to try out udesign, visit Callawaygolf udesign


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