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Hybrids in general are designed to make long shots easier for amateurs. The game's better players however demand something different to bridge the gaps and needs between their fairway woods and their long irons. Thus, Callaway have tweaked the Pro version of their X2 Hot hybrid to suit those players.

The more compact X2 Hot Pro hybrid features less offset and a lower centre of gravity specific to low handicappers and professionals.

Callaway X2 Hot Pro Hybrid Laying Down

Whilst slightly different to the standard model, the X2 Hot Pro hybrid does benefit from the same colours, shape and face design. A more iron-like profile and contemporary colour scheme will catch the eye whilst the forged Hyper Speed Face Cup will catch the attention out on the course.

For the first time Callaway have added this face technology to a hybrid. By using a steel that is 28% thinner than previous models, Callaway say they have made the sweet spot on the X2 Hot Pro hybrid 13 times larger, resulting in 11 more yards.

Callaway X2 Hot Pro Hybrid Laying Down

Compared to the standard model at address (below left), the look of the Pro model (below right) is more compact and cleaner and does not feature the Callaway chevron-logo as an alignment aid. It features the same straighter leading edge and high-toe design, but has a touch less offset.

Callaway X2 Hot Pro Hybrid Laying Down

Behind those looks is where the club really differs. Callaway have created a more neutral centre of gravity position in the Pro model that allows better players to work the ball a little more than the standard model. Compared the previous X Hot Pro hybrid, the new X2 Hot Pro has a CG position that is 40% lower. That is a significant change that will result in a higher launch and less spin.

That launch profile is further enhanced with Callaway's choice of shaft. The X2 Hot Pro hybrids comes fitted with an Aldila Tour Green shaft that is heavier with a slightly higher torque and kickpoint than the standard model which features the Aldila Tour Blue shaft.

Lastly, the loft options in the Pro model are lower than in the standard, offering a more penetrating flight. Players can choose from 16, 18, 20 or 23 degrees. Throughout the range, the X2 Hot Pro hybrids are approximately 0.5 inches longer than the standard model.

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Callaway X2 Hot Pro Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch17 January 2014
UK Launch RRP£169
USA Launch17 January 2014
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts16°, 18°, 20°, 23°
Right Handed Lofts16°, 18°, 20°, 23°
Swing WeightD2
Shaft NameAldila Tour Green Hybrid
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft Weight71, 75 or 85 grams
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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