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If you've been keeping an eye on golf equipment over the last few weeks you'll probably have seen that Callaway have gone big with their offering in 2023, having already launched their Paradym metals and irons.

They're also introducing four new golf balls to kick off the year, with a couple of budget options to provide an alternative to their top of the range Chrome Soft models which will be seen on tour.

Callaway Supersoft 2023 Golf Ball

The Supersoft is one of Callaway's most popular golf balls thanks to it's long, straight distance and, as the name suggests, super soft feel.

Callaway 2023 Golf Balls

A new HyperElastic SoftFast Core is said to increase ball speed, particularly with the driver, whilst producing a soft feel on iron shots and around the green.

Callaway 2023 Golf Balls

There's a multi-material construction and dynamic Hybrid Cover which promotes long distance along with spin, feel and short game control.

The new softer cover system is also designed to add more greenside spin.

Callaway 2023 Golf Balls

Priced at £29 per dozen, the Supersoft balls are available in white and yellow, as well as matte finishes in red, orange, pink and green.

Callaway REVA 2023 Golf Ball

The REVA ball is designed specifically for women who are looking to improve their distance, ball flight and consistency.

Callaway 2023 Golf Balls

An oversized build, which still conforms to the rules of golf, helps to promote easy launch whilst also being a little easier to hit too.

This also results in an oversized core, which focuses on lowering spin, to encourage longer and more accurate shots. Callaway say 'try the REVA if you're looking to hit better shots that fly on a straighter line'.

Callaway 2023 Golf Balls

Available from 26th January, the 2023 REVA ball will cost £29 per dozen and is available in white or pink.

Callaway ERC Soft 2023 Golf Ball

Callaway describe the ERC Soft as their longest golf ball with soft feel and greenside control, and they claim that 2023 sees the introduction of new technologies which promise 'complete performance'.

A new Grip Urethane coating increases greenside spin, featuring high-elongation paint for increased control on approach shots and short game shots.

Callaway 2023 Golf Balls

This pairs with the Hyper Elastic SoftFast core which is also seen in the Supersoft ball, and is said to provide both ball speed and a soft feel throughout the bag from driver down to the putter.

The Hybrid cover allows for a multi-material construction, which is how Callaway can generate the high launch, low spin performance.

A high speed mantle creates a more efficient energy transfer between the layers to produce more ball speed and also provide more wedge spin on shots around the green.

Callaway 2023 Golf Balls

Finally, new Triple Track Dagger lines - an update on the existing Triple Track technology - are designed to help improve your alignment for better putting consistency.

The ERC Soft balls are priced at £44 per dozen and are available in either white or yellow from 2nd February.

Callaway Warbird 2023 Golf Ball

Rounding out the new range is the Warbird, a distance ball that is designed to create maximum speed thanks to a high energy core and 2-piece construction.

Callaway 2023 Golf Balls

This extra large core is highly compressible, giving golfers the opportunity to gain distance. Hex aerodynamics reduce drag and increase launch for more speed, a better ball flight and more distance.

Callaway 2023 Golf Balls

The optimised ionomer cover and large core provide feel and greenside control from the 2-piece design.

It's available in either white or yellow at £21 per dozen from 2nd February.

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