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By Dan Box

The good people over at Big Max have clearly been busy this winter, as they have announced another trio of golf bags to complete their 2019 lineup, to sit alongside the newly-improved Aqua range.

Big Max Dri Lite Hybrid Golf Bag

Combining Big Max's water-resistant technology with their unique Hybrid base, this bag is just as comfortable on a buggy as it is being carried.The Dri Lite technology ensures that the bag has a 2,000mm waterproof reading meaning that unless you're playing in a storm, you should keep your gear nice and dry.

With a footless flat base and leg lock system, the Hybrid stand bag sits perfectly square and secure on a trolley, with a cut-out base section for extra stability on Big Max trolleys so you don't have to worry about it falling off.

Big Max 2019 Dri Lite Bag Range

At the top of the bag, the leg mechanism is situated lower than normal to stop any twisting or bending, and to provide a better fit to the upper brackets of the bag.

Despite being a stand bag you still get 7 large waterproof pockets, 14-way full length club dividers and plenty of other great features. It weighs just 2kg however, and there's a footless stand mechanism and air channel straps to make it as easy and comfortable as any other stand bag.

The Dri Lite Hybrid comes with an SRP of £169.99 and is available in Black, Charcoal/Black/Red, Navy/Black/Grass, Silver/Red/Black, Steel Blue/Black/Orange, White/Navy/Red and White/Black/Orange.

Big Max Dri Lite Silencio Golf Bag

As the name suggests, this Dri Lite bag aims to remain as quiet as possible when on a cart, on all different types of slopes and surfaces.

Big Max 2019 Dri Lite Bag Range

It achieves this through the use of the 14-way Silencio top which secures each club in place and strategically separates them to avoid any knocking together, helping to reduce noise and potential damage of clubs 'dinking' into each other.

As well as its water-resistant properties, the bag also contains 9 pockets, a 9.5 inch top and weighs only 3.9kg. Therefore providing golfer with versatility and making sure that there are no noise interruptions when you're out on the course, leaving you to focus on the task in hand - golf.

Big Max 2019 Dri Lite Bag Range

The Dri Lite Silencio is priced at £199.99 SRP and is available in Black, Charcoal/White/Black/Red, Navy/Orange, Navy/White/Cream and Silver/Navy.

Big Max Heaven 7 Golf Bag

The last of Big Max's new bag offerings for 2019, the Heaven 7 is predominantly winter bag with plenty of space so that you can be extra-prepared every time you head to the first tee.

It has a larger top which is designed to allow for 4 more clubs than average, and features 4 large pockets along with a glove and towel holder, and Air Channel straps for a stress-free carry.

Big Max 2019 Dri Lite Bag Range

It's still lightweight though, coming in at just 1.6kg, so that you can carry the extra clubs and waterproofs during the winter without being weighed down, keeping you feeling fresh throughout your round.

The Heaven will cost you a very reasonable £69.99 and is available in Black/Red, Charcoal/Fuschia, Petrol/Orange, Red/Silver and Silver/Navy.


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