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Just in time for Spring, Big Max are introducing three new stand bags to their extensive collection, adding brand new technologies and innovations at differing price points to cater to the needs of every golfer.

Big Max Stand Bags 2020

Headlined by the brand's 100% waterproof Aqua technology, along with water-resistant Dri Lite benefits, the range combines both practical innovations with standout styling, and is available in a number of different colour combinations.

Big Max Aqua Hybrid 2 Golf Stand Bags

Leading the new range is the Aqua Hybrid 2 stand bag, a 100% waterproof offering with unique innovations allowing it to sit perfectly on a trolley. A specially designed base provides a smooth mechanism so that it sits square when placed on the trolley back, whilst placing the legs down the body of the bag allows the 'connection area' to meet the trolley bracket, helping to avoid any twisting.

There are 7 spacious waterproof pockets, a 14 way divider, and plenty of other features including Leg Lock, cooler pocket, velcro glove holder and a 9" top.

Big Max Stand Bags 2020

Big Max says that the Aqua Hybrid 2 has all the functions of a top-quality cart bag, but it can also double up as a lightweight stand bag. It weighs in at just 2.3kg, meaning that it is more than suitable for golfers who prefer to carry, whilst also keeping their gear dry thanks to Aqua technology.

The Aqua Hybrid 2 (£239.99) comes in five different colourways, aiming to suit all golfers in all seasons.

Big Max Aqua Eight and Dri Lite Eight Golf Stand Bags

The Big Max Aqua Eight and Dri Lite Eight stand bags aim to bring practical, innovative design together with classic Big Max styling for an impressive and good-looking package.

Big Max Stand Bags 2020

The Dri Lite Eight features water-resistant technology, which Big Max says is as good as some other brands' 'waterproof' technology. Waterproof fabric and zips keeps the water at bay on all but the very wettest of days, but if you're really worried then you can always go for the 100% waterproof Aqua Eight.

Both the Aqua Eight and Dri Lite Eight bags feature an 8.5" top, along with 7 full-length dividers to keep your clubs from getting tangled. There are number of features aimed at providing ease of use, including the velcro glove holder, cooler pocket, air channel strap and leg lock system.

Big Max Stand Bags 2020

Weighing in at just 1.9 and 2kg respectively, the Dri Lite and Aqua bags take the strain out of carrying so that you can feel fresh throughout the course of your 18 holes.

The Dri Lite Eight features six waterproof pockets, and the Aqua Eight has five, providing all the storage that a golfer could need. The Aqua Eight is £199.99 whilst the Dri Lite Eight comes in at £159.99.


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