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By Andrew Noyce

When I think Bettinardi, I think premium, putting quality, for a number of obvious reasons: classic looks, ‘that’ feel of the putter face, unmatched attention to detail and striking head covers to make any bag of old bats look ‘proper’. What more could you want from a flat stick?

An air of excellence seems to proceed new Bettinardi putter releases, therefore when the Chicago based specialist milled putter manufacturer unveils a new range, including a mouth-watering 15 new models, it’s worth taking note of. The brands four popular ranges including Studio Stock, Queen B, BB Series, and the standout iNOVAi all feature newly-improved updates.

2017 Bettinardi Putters

As to be expected of Bettinardi, each putter is hand-crafted from one piece of high-quality milled carbon steel using hi-tech CNC milling technology at the brand’s state-of-the-art Chicago factory. As well as innovation and premium quality, this time round, Bettinardi claims to offer a new level of diversity due to taking constant feedback from the pro’s.

Sam Bettinardi, VP of Sales & Marketing, explains:

We have refined the range for this season adding more new models while continuing to use the best face milling technology in the game. Since we’re out on Tour most weeks, talking and listening to feedback from the players, we believe that there’s something for every golfer in the latest range, from amateur to elite professional.

Bettinardi Studio Stock Series Putters

Thanks to multiple PGA winner and Ryder Cup clutch putt connoisseur, Matt Kuchar, the Studio Stock series are now well and truly PGA Tour proven. Each of the models feature a Mercury Grey finish providing a confidence-inspiring look at address and incorporate the brands F.I.T (Feel Impact Technology) Face milling, where material is removed from the face in order to produce a softer feel at impact.

2017 Bettinardi Putters

The compact SS3 mid-mallet features a single bend shaft that frames the ball squarely at address and is available in standard lengths 33” - 35” as well as counterbalance with lengths ranging from 36” - 40” with 3° loft. Two blade options are also available with the SS8 being created from the popular JAM head style featuring a high-toe topline and squared off edges.

2017 Bettinardi Putters

Completing the SS Series is the popular SS28 model featuring a wider head and a slight toe-hang, adding extra assurance that the putter will stay square through impact.

2017 Bettinardi Putters

The Arm Lock model - built based on Kuchar’s pioneering Arm Lock technique in 2013 - comes in lengths between 40”-42” with 5° loft but the head is also available as a standard length option ranging with 3° loft that and is also available with a centre shaft.

Bettinardi Queen B Series Putters

With a name like ‘Queen B’, loud look looks and fairly striking features are to be expected. This updated series does not disappoint on that front. The Queen B Series features the brands Micro-Honeycomb face, a miniature version of the patented larger version found on the BB Series. Bettinardi claims this technology allows for a muted, yet crisp feel at impact for players looking for consistent speed and feel.

2017 Bettinardi Putters

The Queen B 8 is a brand-new design based again on that re-occurring theme of feedback from Tour players. The compact, mid-size mix of blade and mallet features weighting around the edge and a quarter-toe hang, favouring golfers with a slight arcing putting stroke.

2017 Bettinardi Putters

Specifically designed for the player with a more broadly arcing stroke, the Queen B 9 half-mallet features an eye-catching gentle curvature towards the toe and crescent milled neck for a compact and curved appearance.

2017 Bettinardi Putters

Both the Queen B series have a Satin Silver finish and are aimed at male and female golfers with 33”-35” length options and a 3° loft.

Bettinardi iNOVAi Putters

The successful iNOVAi 3.0, released last year integrates motion technology with detailed craftsmanship creating a new fang-head design with a high M.O.I (Moment of Inertia).

2017 Bettinardi Putters

Its two-part construction comes from Black anodised aluminium and Stainless Steel featuring F.I.T Face milling and two alignment aids, is available in counterbalance and centre-shafted options.

Bettinardi BB Series Putters

To top off what is one of the most eye-catching putter ranges we’ve seen all year, finished in Midnight Black and a brushed Nickel shaft, the BB Series features the distinctive Bettinardi branding in a standout lime green colourway including the eye-catching grip. This stand-out colourway however is not for the faint hearted, and once combined with its true-to-form eccentric head cover, could be too much for many a player.

The patented Bettinardi Hyper-Honeycomb milled face is for players looking for a more firm feel at impact and a consistent speed towards the hole. The BB1, BB1F and BB8 models are classic blade putters with subtle differences in the neck and weighting to set them apart.

2017 Bettinardi Putters

The BB1 is about a traditional as it comes from Bettinardi. A heel-toe weighted blade with an indented neck featuring light milling marks displaying yet more stand-out craftsmanship. The difference in the BB1F is that it includes a neck that is ridge-milled and fades right into the head of the putter itself; allowing for a conventional smoothed out stroke.

The BB8 features a plumber’s neck and a two-tiered heal-toe weighted cavity back design with squared off edges and topline.

Complementing its three blade companions is the classic BB40 mallet that is weighted around the edges to create a larger sweet spot. The classic head shape and extended sight line allows for easier alignment generating confidence at address.

2017 Bettinardi Putters

It could be said that the individual looks of a number of these newly developed putters may be a little too much for the ‘everyday golfer’. However, Bettinardi has never tried to appeal to the ‘everyday golfer’, in-fact quite the opposite. Bettinardi has always had its own way of doing things: with new ideas and constant innovation, focusing on premium design and quality craftsmanship, their putters have always had a knack of standing out from the crowd.

With a new focus on tour player feedback seeing Bettinardi offer a high level of true diversity, after a first glimpse of what the 2017 range is all about, it seems like Bettinardi business as usual.




Bettinardi Studio Stock Series 2017 Putter - Product Details

UK LaunchFebruary 2017
UK Launch RRP£309
USA LaunchFebruary 2017
USA Launch RRP$400
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts
Right Handed Lofts
Club Lengths33-35, 40-42 inches
GripDeep-etched Lamkin cord (Standard or Jumbo)
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
ModelsSS3 (Mallet), SS8 (Blade), SS28 (Semi-Mallet)
Putter InsertNo
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteBettinardi Website

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