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By Andrew Noyce

Callaway have introduced an innovative line of footwear for 2015 that introduces a series of technologies all focused on helping golfers play better golf.

Leading the way is what Callaway call the Xfer Platform. Xfer is shorthand for transfer and consists of a focus on what Callaway see as the three fundamentals of foot control in golf - alignment, stability and traction - and how to minimise energy loss in these areas during the swing. Minimised energy loss means greater power and control for your golf game.

The second innovation are the Superfeet Pro and Superfeet Elite insoles that correctly align feet, legs, knees and hips to give golfers a better balanced and more solid stance as a basis for their golf swing.

Callaway 2015 Golf Shoes

On the sole of some of the 2015 range is Vibram. Vibram are Italian outsole specialists and Callaway have teamed up with them to provide key traction elements using rubber compounds previously round in mountaineering. This gives the shoes an unparalleled level of traction, engineered specifically for golf.

Finally Ortholite moulded insoles with 3D cushioning give the shoes lightweight, breathable comfort with moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties.

Duncan Patmore, Callaway's European Footwear Manager, discusses the range:

We have approached the design of our shoe range in exactly the same fashion as we would our hardware, and focused on creating products that genuinely enhance performance. We want to help every golfer, no matter what their level or experience, get the most out of their game and Callaway shoes will undoubtedly help improve performance.

The strong performance and reliability of our shoes is already resonating with our customers. Last year, Callaway saw a 50% growth in footwear sales compared to 2013 and we expect to see similar growth in 2015, helped by a range which showcases 45 different shoe designs and colour combinations, split into four well-defined, technology-rich categories.

These innovations are showcased in the following Callaway shoes in 2015.

Callaway XFer Pro Golf Shoe

The flagship shoe for the 2015 X Series, the Callaway XFer Pro is designed to provide the ultimate in power and incorporates all of Callaway's Xfer technologies. Available in in black/black, white/black and white/blue colourways.

Callaway 2015 XFerPro Golf Shoes

Callaway X Nitro Golf Shoe

One of th most popular shoes on Tour in 2014 the X Nitro has been upgraded in 2015 with Ortholite insoles and a new full grain leather upper.

Callaway 2015 X Nitro Golf Shoes

Callaway Del Mar Zephyr Golf Shoe

The Del Mar Zephyr features a full grain leather upper together with Xfer platform technology in a spikeless shoe that is 20% lighter than Callaway's previous Del Mar model.

Callaway 2015 Del Mar Zephyr Shoes

Callaway Del Mar Sport Golf Shoe

This is an updated look on Callaway’s best-selling Tour-proven spikeless shoe and is 12% lighter than Callaway's Del Mar 2014 model.

Callaway 2015 Del Mar Sport Shoes

Callaway Chev Series Oxygen Golf Shoe

Callaway are marketing the Chev Series Oxygen as "Air conditioning for your feet" and this is a lightweight shoe perfect for summer play that can also withstand a shower or two.

Callaway 2015 Chev Oxygen Shoes

Callaway Sky Series Halo Pro Golf Shoe

A lightweight performance shoe that prides itself on straight out of the box comfort. The Halo Pro has a full grain leather upper and is Callaway's leading offering for the 2015 ladies footwear market.

Callaway 2015 Sky Series Halo Pro Shoes


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