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If ever a product lived up to its name then the Volvik Vivid golf ball is it.

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

Compared to the Volvik S4, the unique matte finish and vibrant colours give this the appearance of a ball without dimples, but pick it up and you can feel them there.

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

With a choice of green, orange and red amongst others you are not going to miss them, or be missed on the course, or hopefully lose them. However is there more to this than clashes with the eye?

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

With the putter the Vivid has a soft sound and feel, but combines it with a degree of firmness that gives a little bit more feedback than other balls in this sector.

On chips especially it sat down quite quickly and the control was there, so for a mid-priced ball I thought the overall performance was good.

Volvik say that this is a mid to high spinning ball and the data from GC2 backed this up, with the driver spin being about the same as a Pro V1x, but the softer feel losing a few yards at around 100mph swing speed.

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

To be fair Volvik claim that this ball will suit 70-90 mph swing speeds and if you have read our guide to soft golf balls you will know that slower swingers should get more out of a softer compression ball as it deforms less at impact.

Distances with the 7-iron were similar to Pro V1x and longer than the premium Volvik S4 thanks to that lower spin, so you would just need to be careful and ensure that it would stop in time on the green with your approaches.

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

Overall I have to say that I liked the Volvik Vivid in performance terms and for mid to slow swing speed players who want control around the greens then this could be an option.

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

It is reasonably priced too, but the real buying decision is whether you want a ball that acts like a homing beacon or not, because when it comes to the Vivid, it's not a black and white choice.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars


Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball - Product Details

UK LaunchApril 2017
UK Launch RRP£39.99
USA LaunchApril 2017
USA Launch RRP$29.99
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelMedium
Colour OptionsWhite, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Pink
Manufacturer's WebsiteVolvik Website

User Reviews

paul r-h
June 2017

I used these Vivid balls in Red, Pink and Green and the feel of them is good. They give the impression of a soft ball and achieve the length I would expect. The only issue believe it or not, "they look great in the air" as once they hit the ground or green from a distance of say over 150 yards they are hard to watch and I often lost sight of them around the greens. Once found they chip and putt well.

June 2017

20 handicap 50 yr old golfer been playing 2 yrs. Volvik flew as well as Pro V1 for me. Different feel putting. Didn't stop me shooting a 44 on one of New Zealand's premier courses back nine. Love the feeling of walking to your ball as it stands out amazingly. Also helps for those shots to the rough.

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