Martin Hopley

The Mizuno MP-32 iron is a great new development for those who prefer to play with blades.

They are a little more forgiving than the previous MP irons from Mizuno, but are more classic blade than offerings such as the MP-30 or MP-60.

Therefore these are definitely clubs for the low single figure golfer who will be able to appreciate the feel and performance of the blade design and love that look behind the ball and the feel in the shorter irons.

The heads are actually a little larger than previous Mizuno blades and even the MP-30 hybrid, which is a result of the unique cut muscle design so there is enough clubhead to fill the golfer with confidence.

We were very impressed by the smooth feel off the clubhead that gave just the right amount of feedback on slightly off centre hits yet maintained the workability you need in this category of club.

With a good choice of shafts and the option to be custom fit the Mizuno MP-32 iron is the blade of choice for the better golfer.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Mizuno MP-32 Iron

Mizuno MP-32 Irons - Product Details

Launch UK06 October 2004
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexStiff, Regular
Set Makeup3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional Clubs2
Manufacturer's WebsiteMizuno Website

User Reviews

April 2017

I am a 10 handicap. These are my current set. They are certainly marginally more forgiving than traditional musclebacks, but misses are definitely blade-like. If you hit the middle 85% or more of the time, these are for you. I love them and they don't beat the MP-5. So if you want feel of no other, forgiveness, perfect distance and workability, these are your new set!

March 2016

I love these irons. I'm an 8 handicap (now) who fluctuates from 5 to 13 depending on the weather and my old body. I have owned the MP-30's in the past and I loved them too. Made the mistake of believing the market hype and trying cast cavity back irons from Callaway, Adams and Ping. Handicap went up, feel went down. I ought these 3 months ago and I am back down to an 8. Feel is great, distance and direction predictable and workability off the charts.

November 2015

These blades are the best by far I have ever played! I am truly a Mizuno fan having owned the MP33's, MP60's, T zoid trues, and Pro 2's. However, in the end the MP32's win!! If you're wanting feel, forgiveness, and a forged blade look no further. This info coming from mid handicap player who feels anything shot past single digits sucks and is a bad round.

Bottom Line: Get a set asap!!

bebop deveras
January 2008

I got my Mizuno MP-32 irons (4-PW) with Dynamic Gold SL R300 shafts last Aug.2005. I used to be a 21 handicap then, now I play to a 13 index. This says a lot about the precision and control these irons give you. Ball flight is generally high and soft landing even with the long irons. I can punch shots into the wind with precision if my game is on. The smallish heads did take time for me to get used to but a smooth easy swing is all I need to launch the ball. Sloppy swings and poor set-ups will be penalized - focus needed with these irons. Sweet spot hits are just dead straight with a slight draw for me. Around the greens, these are touch irons that are responsive to feel shots. I have been wearing out these forged irons and the dings and marks is a testament to their use. Would like to try to MP-57 but until my MP-32's are still playable I will wear them out. GREAT IRONS!!!

Keith Bowman
September 2007

Always been a blade playing golfer and purchased the Mizuno MP-32's six months ago. Prefer the feel and consistency that I get over the previous T-Zoid model I had. Moving from the S400 to S300 shafts contribute to the fun I have had this season. Great distance control, wonderful manoeuvrability, piercing ball flight. Worth going for the custom fit to the Mizuno facility near you. Only grumble are the standard tour velvet grips if you buy off the shelf but that’s a minor irritation easily rectified.

steve shepherd
July 2007

I recently tried the Mizuno MP-32 irons on a trial day at American Golf Ipswich. Having never hit blades before I was surprised on how forgiving they were. They felt very soft and flew on great trajectory. I have used Cleveland Ta3's for years and I'm now buying these, GREAT CLUBS.

Col Mcdonald
April 2005

What is there to say - custom fit Mizuno MP-32 irons - sent from Heaven. Long carry, workable in both directions, penetrating flight - confidence abounds. The club face gives instant feed back, the ball flight is predictable and constant. The look of the Mizuno MP-32 is magnificent, being a traditionalist they conform to, in my humble opinion, what a golf club should look like. If you try out one set of clubs this year, make it these.

Mike Snowden
February 2005

Mizuno have come up with something really special here with the Mp-32 irons. I've been a fan of their irons for a while, and am switching from Comp-EZs with Sensicore shafts. These feel softer, even on miss-hits; there is none of the usual blade jar. But they still feel solid - a very neat trick. Chips and punches also feel great. Distance consistency is excellent, and I was taking noticeably fewer divots, even on a damp course. I'm a mid-handicapper, and by rights should not be using these. I've only played 18 so far with them, but first impressions are that I am at least as good as with my old set, even though feeling rusty after an enforced Christmas lay-off. I always struggled with the Comp-EZ 4i - this one I fly easily. Is the dispersion wider than my "game improvement" set? Probably yes, on bad shots, but I feel that these are going to be good for my game in the long run. The clubs respond to a clean sweep, and it's going to encourage me to set up properly into each shot. These are beautiful, manageable, blades. Any low or aspiring mid-handicapper should try them. This may sound gushing, but I've tried a lot of friends' clubs, and I have never come across such a great combination of feel and performance. These are going to be big.

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Media Reviews

Golf World
June 2005
Not the easiest to hit..beautiful..crisp to strike.

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