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Can a pair of golf shoes really help you to swing faster and hit the ball more consistently?

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

That's what Under Armour are claiming with their new Drive Pro range, so of course, I had to go and test them out.

Who Are They Aimed At?

Under Armour are best known as a sports brand rather than a specific golf brand so these shoes are probably aimed at people who are looking for more of a trainer-like performance rather than traditional golfing looks or all-out performance.

£130 for a spiked shoe puts it around the middle of the pack and probably represents right where this shoe sits in the market - it's not just a lightweight trainer-style like the Adidas S2G, but it's not an premium all-out performance shoe like an Ecco LT1 which is going to cost you £170.

They're a great option for golfers who don't want to have lots of different pairs of shoes in their rotation as they offer waterproof protection and plenty of traction, whilst still feeling lightweight and comfortable and being usable pretty much all-year round.

The Tech

The new Drive Pro shoes are inspired by feedback from Jordan Spieth and other Under Armour golfers, and there is both a spikeless and a spiked version, for those golfers seeking ultimate traction and performance.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

The Drive Pro SL has the same technology as the spiked model in the midsole and the upper, but with some different innovations to the spikeless outsole.

There's a 'traction control plate' and a hybrid outsole which is made of both rubber and TPU, providing ground penetration and torsional stability thanks to the TPU, whilst the rubber adds flexibility and friction.

Each spikeless traction point has been mapped to a different height and position throughout the sole, to improve performance further. Under Armour say that this outsole performs at the same level as a spiked tour shoe.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

The Drive Pro shoes also benefit from what UA are calling the 'only dual-density midsole in golf'. It uses Hovr foam and supportive Charged Cushioning where it's needed, to help guide the foot during the golf swing. Using softer Hovr foam in the medial side allows the foot to sink into the shoe when applying force during the swing, helping golfers to transition weight more efficiently through the ball.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

Finally, a Swing Support Strap combines with reinforcements in the upper for locked-in support and lacing.

The Drive Pro SL comes with a 1 year waterproof warranty and is available in three different colourways - Black/Titan Grey, White/Metallic Gun Metal and Mod Gray/Capri.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Golf Shoe Review


I tested this shoe in the black and grey which looks smart and adds to the year-round usability in my opinion. I'd be more likely to use the black shoe in muddy or wintery conditions compared to the white or grey finish.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

It's not the most exciting design that we'll see this year, even compared to the likes of the Ecco LT1 and FootJoy Pro SLX Carbon, but upon first inspection I thought the shoes looked good, and were very typical of the kind of 'sporty' styling we have seen from Under Armour in the last few years.

When I looked a bit closer though I couldn't help but be a bit disappointed in the finish quality in some areas of the shoe, particularly around the tongue and laces where the stitching was not as good as I'd expect. This is a shame, because an RRP of £130 would suggest that you'd be getting more than just a value for money pair of shoes.


All in all I'd say the Drive Pro SL was about middle of the pack when it comes to comfort levels in a spikeless shoe - it's not the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn but I definitely didn't find it uncomfortable either.

I was expecting the Hovr foam to produce a bit more of a softer, cushioned feel underfoot so I was surprised that I could actually feel the ground whilst walking and swinging.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

In some ways it felt a little more like a spiked shoe than a spikeless shoe really, which isn't a bad thing as it was reassuring that they would be supportive enough for year-round use.

One aspect that I did really like was the curved heel, which provided a really nice locked-in feel whilst also adding a nice bit of extra padding at the back of the foot, an area which can often cause issues for golfers walking the course, especially straight out of the box.


The main positive I noticed whilst testing these shoes was the performance of the outsole, which provided excellent traction regardless of the lie and despite some slightly damp underfoot conditions.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

Spikeless shoes have improved massively in recent years, and Under Armour have clearly put lots of effort into the development of their spikeless outsole. This has clearly worked as it was extremely impressive, and I genuinely didn't feel like I was losing out by not using a spiked model.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

The other benefit of this is that I think these shoes perform more than well enough to wear all year-round, which is great for golfers on a budget who don't want to have 3 or 4 different pairs of shoes on the go.

The shoe felt lightweight and breathable throughout the course of a round, whilst the waterproof protection seemed to work well too as I spent more time in the rough than I planned to, without any water getting in.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Golf Shoe Verdict

Under Armour claim that the Drive Pro shoes are able to help golfers gain both clubhead speed and distance thanks to the technology that has gone into the performance.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

Having tested the Drive Pro SL on the course I have to be honest and say that this isn't really something that I noticed, although I was still impressed with the overall performance.

They were comfortable, the traction was excellent, and I liked the way they looked out on the golf course. At an RRP of £130 I was expecting a slightly higher finish standard, but I do think these are a good versatile option which can be used for most of your rounds of golf during the season, which still makes them decent value for money in my eyes.

Would I Wear Them?

Definitely, especially in this black and grey colourway which I think will make them versatile year-round. The traction was excellent, they were comfortable and gave me a real locked-in feel and also provided a great combination of waterproof protection and breathability too.

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes Pros and Cons

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Shoes

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Under Armour Drive Pro SL Golf Shoe

Under Armour Drive Pro SL Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch01 February 2024
UK Launch RRP£130
European Launch01 February 2024
European Launch RRP€150
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 13, 14
Colour OptionsBlack/Grey, White/Grey, Grey/Blue
Manufacturer's WebsiteUnder Armour Website

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