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There is a brand new addition to Titleist's metal range this year...

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

The TSR2+, part of the new TSR metals for 2022, is designed to be a strong 3 wood which provides distance and forgiveness off the tee.

The Tech

Titleist listen to their tour players and deliver clubs which include technologies to solve players problems. From these conversations the TSR2+ was born, giving them a fairway wood with a lower ball flight which essentially works as a mini driver.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

The longest fairway in the range, this 13 degree fairway features a 190cc head which is larger than the 175cc of the TSR2 and TSR3, and a deeper CG than ever before.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

Moving the CG closer to the centre of the face also helps to create a straighter, purer ball flight, aiming to hit it as far as possible with maximum accuracy.

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Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Wood Review

Looks and Feel

With a 190cc head this fairway has a bigger footprint than both the TSR2 and TSR3 models, but this size doesn't always make you feel like you can't get in to the back of the golf ball, especially when hitting from the deck.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

The head is a shiny black with elegant, sleek lines which help to soften the shaping. The sole doesn't feature the SureFit track so it looks very similar to the TSR2, with the weight pushed forwards towards the face and a smooth sole.

As soon as I hit this club I could feel the ball crack off the face, although I did feel as if I had to concentrate on strike to make my results were as consistent as possible.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

The lower loft and CG placement meant that this club was harder to hit and lower launching than the other TSR woods, although I found that it was more forgiving from the tee as you'd expect.


As you hit shots with the TSR2, TSR3 and then the TSR2+ heads you notice the launch of the ball get progressively lower, with the ball flight becoming more penetrating each time.

The TSR2+ also had the biggest effect on my eye when watching the ball flight as it looked totally different to its siblings.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

My average with the fairway was 198 yards but this dropped down towards the 190 mark on shots that I didn't quite catch, with launch angles down below 11 degrees and spin rates heading towards 4000rpm with a fade-bias. So high spin and high launch didn't do much for my distance through the air.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

From the tee however was where this club really excelled, the club just felt so easy to hit! It found it was almost like a mini driver. It produced 207 yards carry with a 13.5 degree launch, 3175 rpm spin and massive ball speeds of 131 mph. This is almost 10 yards further in the air than from the deck as you'd expect, and was creeping up towards my driver numbers which is really impressive.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Verdict

Will Zalatoris put the TSR2+ straight into play and used it to win his first PGA Tour event in August, showing the confidence that staff players have in these new woods.

A lot of players may change driver quickly but are resistant to change their fairways. Not Will, who hits the ball higher than most, so this 13 degree head allowed him to power tee shots and reach par 5s on his way to winning.

I can see why tour players are looking to add this club as elite players seem to be launching it higher and higher year on year according to the stats. This change in delivery means that they can loft down their woods for more distance, helping them to better tackle golf courses which are getting longer and longer.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

From the deck this club was launching at around 12 degrees with a clear fade bias. My spin variation was excessive, causing a bigger fluctuation between carry numbers than with the TSR2 and TSR3.

I just didn't have the same consistency and this would worry me if I was having to carry the ball over water or a bunker - you'd need to strike it perfectly.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

I really enjoyed hitting the TSR2+ from a tee though, as the slightly bigger head shape worked well and the ball was screaming off the face at ball speeds close to my driver, so if you struggle with a driver and regularly hit fairway woods off a tee, this could be an option for you.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Golfers who hit the ball high, who don't get on with their driver or who are just looking for more distance in general with their fairways. You must be able to launch the ball to start with though. These clubs could be ideal for links golf or tight golf courses.

From the tee it is hot, if you can't hit driver and prefer a smaller head then this could help you out in hitting more fairways.

Would I Use It?

As a high launcher myself this is certainly something I would look in to, having had a 14 degree 3 wood back when I played on tour. These days I'd be a little more worried about striking the club well enough though, especially from the deck.

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Review

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Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Wood

Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Wood - Product Details

UK Launch23 September 2022
UK Launch RRP£289
USA Launch23 September 2022
European Launch23 September 2022
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts13°
Right Handed Lofts13°
Head Volume190 cc
Club Length43 inches
AdjustabilityLoft, Face Angle
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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