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The Scotty Cameron Select putters are similar to the Studio Select in terms of head design for models like the Newport. The big difference is of course how it looks.

The silver ‘Sea Mist’ finish of the California range has been replaced with a luxurious Black Mist finish. The same 3 milled cherry dots on the back of the head now stand out even more and look very classy, reminding you of the round brake lights from a Ferrari or a Corvette.

The ‘dove gray’ sole plate sets off the putter beautifully and either side of it are 2 weights that larger versions of the cherry dots. These are used to adjust the weight of the putter to the shaft but beware these are set at the factory and not changeable by the golfer. The sole also has a camber that raises the keeps the back of the sole raised from the ground to give you a smoother takeaway.

The main change at address is that the site line on the flange of the putter is a subtle black colour and does not stand out visually on the darker background as much as previous Scotty colour schemes.

As well as the old favourites, there is also a new GoLo mallet head that is not face balanced but has a 30 degree toe down hang. This puts it just in the range for straight stroke players or ideally for those with a slight arc. The semi-circular head is mid-sized and not quite a perfect arc as the curve is slightly more pronounced towards the toe.

As well as a standard heel shafted mallet there is also the GoLo S model that has a straight shaft that is just on the inside of being centre shafted. It reminds us of the old centre shafted bulls-eye putters and the solid feel from this model is excellent.So how does it play? Like all Scotty Cameron putters the Select range is beautifully balanced whichever model you choose.

The faces are nice and deep and feature the same deeper milling pattern from the California range which helps to make the Scotty Cameron Select some of the softest sounding and feeling steel putters on the market.

They are not cheap but you do get what you pay for and you will take pride in wielding a high quality performance putter with an elegant, understated style.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Titleist Scotty Cameron Select GoLo Putter - Product Details

UK Launch01 August 2012
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Club Lengths33, 34, 35 inches
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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