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Every couple of years Titleist updates the Pro V1 golf ball using feedback that they receive from golfers on and off the Tour.

Given the continuing dominance of the Pro V1, it is not surprising that the 2015 version does not seem to have changed much at first glance.

Titleist Pro V1 Pro V1x 2015

There are still two versions and the dimple patterns remain the same. Unlike most other manufacturers they have not reduced the compression to make the ball softer, which is great as my head is going soft with all the low compression talk right now.

However I feel the small changes they have made to the cover this time around offer a greater benefit to the Pro V1 than the bigger changes they made in the last couple of iterations.

Titleist Pro V1 Pro V1x 2015

Titleist has gone for a new cover creation method called Thermoset. Rather than make the urethane cover and then melt it to mould it around the ball, the Thermoset urethane it is created on the fly by adding the liquid materials into the golf ball mould and letting them react.

This makes the cover softer and together with the new paint system from the 2013 model it is significantly more durable than the last version. I have played a couple of rounds with the same ball and there was greater risk of it going out of play by me losing it that it being retired due to wear and tear.

I reckon you could get at least 2 medal rounds out of it if you are playing half decently and maybe even more. Given that the Pro V1 is one of the premium balls in the market anything that gives you more value for money is certainly going to be welcome.

Titleist Pro V1 2015 Review

Both the 2015 Pro V1 and Pro V1x feel much softer than the 2013 models around the green, without feeling like puddings.

The 2015 Pro V1 seemed to sit down a bit quicker with chips around the green thanks to the softer cover. It was easier to get a little grab on the first bounce or too, but it still ran out well to the hole without abruptly hitting the brakes.

With the putter the Pro V1 felt and sounded softer, but still went the same distance so the changes are purely feel here. The spin and sound are as good, if not better than before, but it is the longer shots where I noticed a difference.

Titleist Pro V1 Pro V1x 2015

In general play the 2015 Pro V1 seemed to have a stronger flight and better all round distance. After a while it became so noticeable when I was using the 2013 version that I was right back to the new version because it just performed better.

I also tested both balls on Trackman to see if there were any differences and with the wedge the Pro V1 was the same, but with the driver it span around 200 rpm less and a got another 5 yards. This will account for the lower, more penetrating flight and the extra distance as my drives will be landing at a shallower angle.

Titleist Pro V1x 2015 Review

The 2015 Pro V1x is a lot softer than the 2013 version, which was a little on the hard side even for a Pro V1x. Whilst the Pro V1x still feels firmer than the Pro V1, in the 2015 versions I feel that the difference is less than before.

Titleist Pro V1 Pro V1x 2015

On Trackman the firmer Pro V1x was the opposite of the Pro V1, with very little difference off the tee, but with a wedge it span around 500 rpm more, which is a 6% increase for me. This is because the softer cover rolls up the face more and gives a higher trajectory with the spin, which in turn makes it stop quicker on the green.

The best way to describe the sound and feel from the 2015 Pro V1x is that in terms of 'clickiness' and feel, it is about the same as the 2013 Pro V1. It is noticeably better sounding than the 2013 Pro V1x and again it has a lot more control than the previous version with short chips.

Therefore some borderline Pro V1 users who would like a bit more distance might find that the Pro V1x is more likely to be an option now.

Titleist Pro V1 Pro V1x 2015

New Pro V1 2015 Looks

Usually when Titleist change Pro V1 versions they change the look of the side stamp and for the 2015 versions the solid arrows on each side are now comprised of two parts each, but in the same silver colour as before.

Titleist Pro V1 Pro V1x 2015

The other difference is the 3 ball sleeves which feature the all gold design for Pro V1 and all silver for Pro V1x, which if my memory serves me correctly was one of the original box colours.

So whilst the changes visually are subtle with the 2015 Pro V1, this time it's all in the cover and the latest versions are one of the best Pro V1s Titleist has done.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Titleist Pro V1 2015 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch30 January 2015
UK Launch RRP£51
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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