Martin Hopley

The SkyCaddie SGX GPS offers a lot of extra features over the standard models plus the colour screen adds to the presentation of the device.

The unit is relatively large and is may feel a little bulky in your pocket and is certainly heavier than other models we have tried. The graphics could be more visually appealing but the features like the Intelligreen are very good as it rotates the green to match the angle you are approaching it from. When you move the cursor for the flag around the green the width and depth also vary which is perfect for working out carry distances.

In basic mode the QuickVue hole overview option does not offer much information, so switching it off and showing the Target view first gives you a list of hazards in order.

It was be nice if the Target lay-up yardage could be set manually rather than being set at whatever the SkyCaddie surveyor decided on by default.

The HoleVue option gives you more in terms of an overview, as well as other features such as lay-up distances, but at present the number of courses in the UK that offer this option is fairly limited so check the one you want is on offer before you buy.

The SkyCaddie SGX looks the business and we understand that there are more features to come, however the extra size of the unit is not fully reflected in the quality of the graphics or the speed of the device software which could be quicker.

The joystick navigation was a bit clunky and the menu was not very intuitive so it took a bit of trial and error to get the settings you wanted.

The Autoview upgrade is a significant improvement to the usability as you just turn the device clockwise for the Intelligreen view (which is very good) and anti-clockwise for the scorecard, although it sometimes depends how you hold the device as to how quick it is.

Certainly the yardages will be accurate due to SkyCaddie's course mappers who walk the course and the quality of the units they use, but we feel the SGX needs a bit more refinement to maximise these genuine advantages.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS Rangefinder

SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK Launch01 June 2010
Device TypeGPS Handheld
Shot MeasurementYes
Power OptionsRechargeable
DimensionsWidth: 1.9mm, Height: 12.2mm, Depth: 6.3mm
Screen SizeWidth: 7.62mm
Device Weight159 grams
Course Capacity30,000
Manufacturer's WebsiteSkyCaddie Website

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